7 Functions of Personnel Management

7 Functions of Personnel Management are listed and explicated herein. We hope you find it informative and helpful for your research.

Operative Functions of Personnel Management

Functions of Personnel Management
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Sometimes, one may find it a bit difficult to better explain the meaning of personnel management without an accurate explanation of the concept of the functions that it performs.

In this article, we will take a very close look at the functions which are performed by the personnel unit as well as those contributions that they make to the success of any organization.

Functions of Personnel Management are:

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1. Recruitment, Selection, and Placement

It is the utmost responsibility of the personnel department to maintain the procedures for selection. The personnel office ascertains and organizes staff needs for the purpose of recruitment.

It establishes qualification, and testing standards, and develops and administers tests in specialized areas that are peculiar to the agency or organization.

In some cases, a board of examiners is set up to handle the test, develop courses for qualified candidates, and prepare the list of those that are eligible.

2. Policies and instruction

The personnel department develops policies and instructions for management approval and promulgation into a usable form. The personnel department does this formulation jointly with the representatives of workers.

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3. Job Analysis and Evaluation

The personnel office assists superiors in developing facts about new and changed positions, this involves evaluating positions in accordance with the class standard, developing or improving the class standard,s and continuing to an analysis of organizational problems so as to proffer solutions to them.

4. Salary and Wage Administration

It is the responsibility of the personnel department to see to it that every member of staff in the company gets their salary or wages as at when due.

Where there are cases of deduction or inconsistencies, the personnel department owes it to the workers to explain in full detail the change in their pay.

Although this office could have some discretion in regard to some conditions surrounding the salary and wages of the staff there should be a balance because the office in the first place was created to meet the needs of the workers rather them creating more issues for them.

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5. Personnel Research

The personnel department undertakes to conduct attitude surveys, studying and validating tests, interviewing and rating devices, analyzing exit interviews, turnovers, and absences, and improving forms, standards, and procedures. The loss of workers and their replacement by management is what is referred to as turnover.

6. Training and development

It is also the responsibility of the personnel department to organize training and development programs for the workers in order to ensure their effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace.

The department scout for training opportunities and report back to the management for approval for the overall betterment of the establishment.

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7. Motivation

The personnel department establishes some kind of motivation for the other member of staff, they look out for ways in which they can motivate the workers to do their work better and equally ensure that a particular method that they have chosen as well favorable for everyone who identifies as a member of the establishment.

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