Functions of the Nigeria Customs Service

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This article will inform you of the functions of the Nigeria Customs Service while outlining its mandate achievement strides.

Brief History of the Nigeria Customs Service

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Functions of the Nigeria Customs Service

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The Nigeria Customs Service was established in 1891 when the then British Colonial organization appointed T. A. Divider as Director-General of Customs.

The Nigeria customs service was then saddled with the task of collating and making returns of Inland Revenue in the Niger Coast Protectorate to the government.

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Functions of the Nigeria Customs Service

The Functions of the Nigeria Customs Service include:

1. The Nigeria customs service helps to reduce the rate of smuggling

With serious protection of the borders through a steady patrol and inspection team, the Nigeria customs service ensures that the rate of smuggling contraband in/out the country Is brought to contraband.

This is part of its anti-smuggling initiative aimed at ensuring that Nigeria isn’t aware of House for substandard products.

2. It performs National Security functions

In collaboration with the Nigerian Navy, the Nigeria customs services help in issues of national security as it relates to the waterways.

It works hard to ensure that the rate of illegal immigration into the country is brought to a minimum because most of the illegal immigrants are not law-abiding fellows thereby reducing the rate of crime.

Also, as a matter of national security, the Nigeria Customs Services collaborates with the Custom Agencies in other countries towards ensuring a sustainable peace within its territory.

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3. It works to ensure standardization and consumer safety

Being saddled with the task of monitoring importation made in Nigeria, the Nigerian customs service works to ensure that substandard and counterfeit products are not brought into the Nigerian Market.  This goes a long way to safeguard the health of the Nation.

Thus, it can be deciphered that good collaboration between the Nigerian customs service and other key standardization agencies is panacea towards making sure that Nigeria isn’t a dumping ground for inferior goods.

4. Licensing and registration of Customs Agents

This is yet another very important function of the Nigerian customs services Since it cannot stand alone to performs these numerous functions it is being saddled with, it creates a synergy with other custom agents through a legitimate process of licensing and registration and therefore authorizing their operations.

5. The Nigerian customs services work to promote Unity between Nigeria and other Nations

This is seen in the area of security and the prevention of unlawful immigration. This alone goes a long way to increase partnerships and effective collaboration between boundary countries.

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6. Generation of revenue is one of the Functions of the Nigeria Customs Service

By a collection of taxes and levies (both import/Excise duty), the Nigerian customs services generate revenue for the country. Indeed, the Customs Service is a very vital means income generation agency for the federal government.

7. The Nigeria customs service also assists in the Processing of Manifest for ease of either imports or exports

8. It also plays a role of working towards ensuring the availability of statistics for planning and Budgetary purposes

9. It engages in Research, Planning, and Enforcement of Fiscal Policies of Government

Being an agency saddled with the roles of taxation on imports and exports, it recommends new strategies to the government for proper enforcement towards nation-building. It also assists the federal government in good policymaking in the sector.

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In all, the roles of the Nigerian customs service since its establishment many years ago have helped shape Nigeria and it is believed that consistency on the part of both the agency and the federal government will definitely usher in the dream Nigeria in this sector within a short period of time.

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