Agricultural Extension Jobs in Nigeria

Agricultural Extension Jobs in Nigeria are listed and explanation given in this article and we hope you find it informative.

Agricultural Extension Jobs in Nigeria

Agricultural Extension Jobs in Nigeria
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One of the problems facing Nigeria as a country is an Unemployment. There seem to be fewer jobs available in the country as people opt for just anything worth doing in order to earn a living.

Ever since the emergence of oil, there has been a neglect of agriculture in the country and this has greatly affected the produce which comes alongside agriculture.

Despite the fact that it has been neglected, Agriculture provides not just food but also Job opportunities in Nigeria which if harnessed will drastically reduce the rate and effect of unemployment within the country.

It is in this light that this article is written to bring to you some of the available employment opportunities in the country.

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Agricultural Extension Jobs in Nigeria

Employment Opportunities in Agriculture in Nigeria are as follows:

1. Farming

Farming activities can be in any field of agriculture such as animal production, fisheries, crop production, forestry, etc.

These types of careers deal directly with the production of agricultural products. The land is plowed, seeds are planted and fertilized, pesticides are sprayed and other maintenance is done to ensure a healthy crop or animal as the case may be.

2. Processing of produce

Farm produce processing is a good career especially when there are proper and adequate processing machines to be used. Examples are cassava processing, palm – oil processing, yam processing, sawmilling, fruit processing, etc.

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3. Marketing

It involves buying and selling: People in a marketing and sales career work mostly with the farmers. They buy directly in large quantities from the farmers and transport them to market centers for retailers.

4. Agricultural input suppliers

In this career, people mark and distribute farm inputs and equipment to farmers. They sell inputs like fertilizers, improved seeds, and chemicals among others. Also, they render services like large equipment hiring such as tractors, plows, harvesters, etc.

5. Federal and state Ministries

The ministry of Agriculture at both the state and federal levels employs graduates of any field in agriculture for their expertise in solving the challenges in agriculture.

Also, at the local government level, there are agricultural officers who work with grassroots farmers to solve their problems.

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6. Teaching

Agricultural graduates can pick a vacation of teaching in schools, colleges, universities, or research institutions.

7. Banks or insurance institutions

People in these sectors perform services such as facilitating farmers’ proposals on securing loans for inputs, land, and other essentials.

They advise farmers on best practices and methods to break- even in their businesses, insure big assets, and the likes.

8. Development Partners

They can be called Non – Governmental Organisations. There engage in social service jobs such as serving the public or developing civil societies which can include working with international organizations like food and agriculture organizations.

In conclusion, agriculture is seen by many youths as drudgery, a nonprofitable occupation that has to be avoided if one can.

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This article shows that agriculture is profitable and is one of the solutions to the unemployment problem in our country.

It is a unique vocational subject that can lead to so many careers without huge capital needed but with great returns.

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