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School Guidance Counsellor

How A School Counsellor Can Counsel Individuals
How A School Counsellor Can Counsel Individuals – Photo Source:

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The main responsibility of the school counsellor is to assist individuals in solving their various personal adjustment problems.

His basic professional is in the field of education but he will have acquired,  through college and university courses, supervised field training, and other types of experiences, certain techniques of professions closely related to education such as clinical psychology and social work. The counsellor is interested only secondarily in the managerial and administrative problems of the school.

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How A School Counsellor Can Counsel Individuals

In counselling individuals, the special contribution of the counsellor to the program of the school is that of working intensively with individuals.

His primary concern is with the individual’s adjustment to the school situation. The special task is to study individuals to work in such a manner that they will mature wholesomely and derive the maximum benefit from their school experience.

This can be done by helping individuals to understand their own personal assets, liabilities and opportunities. The counsellor’s training and experience equip people to provide special skilled assistance to individuals in gaining an understanding of the particular abilities that are their strengths and of weaknesses that are their handicaps.

He is prepared to provide assistance in studying the opportunities that are available as a means of growth in many important areas.

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These may include opportunities for improving study skills, forming a friendship and social contacts, participating in group activities, for the exploration of possible interests for needed education and training, and for securing the personal development of the individual served.

Also, aids individuals to develop worthwhile personal objectives and make and carry out plans for their achievement.

The development of a mature personality involves the identification and acceptance of the roles which the individuals find most satisfying. He learns to think of himself as a certain sort of person in the home, the school, and the community.

As he gradually develops this concept of the kind of person he is and wants to be, his own personal objectives begin to emerge.

The nature of these objectives and the plans he develops for achieving them have much to do with the value that he derives from his school experience.

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The trained counsellor is able to assist individuals in this process of understanding themselves, identifying the roles which they feel will be satisfying to them and beneficial to society, developing personal objectives, and making plans for working effectively toward these goals.

Every experience counsellor should help individuals to work out solutions for their personal, social, educational, and vocational problems.

This experience counsellor will be called upon to work with persons who come to him on their own accord for assistance with a variety of problems.

The specific nature of these problems will vary with the maturity level of the individuals concerned and with the nature of the circumstance which makes them aware of their need for help.

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In conclusion, the counsellor will also be called upon to accept referrals from teachers and other staff members who find that their contact with individuals involves problems with which they need assistance either because of lack of time for individual work or because they feel that the problem concerned is beyond their ability.

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