Groups And Types Of Groups In Organizations

Groups and types of Groups in organizations are listed and explicated herein. We hope you find it helpful and informative.

Group in an Organisation

Groups And Types Of Groups In Organizations
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By nature, every man loves socializing in a way. Even the most melancholic man is gregarious in nature. Man, naturally will love to link up with other men to achieve his goals.

They would link up just anywhere; in the park, school, club, bar, at work, home, or anywhere. In his makeup, man is a social being.

With that understanding of man, groups are therefore an essential part of every man today. Every man on earth belongs to one group or the other.

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These groups may be for fun or business or to achieve some kind of mission or objective. A group is therefore defined as a gathering of two or more people who act responsibly together in order to accomplish a particular goal. It is a synergy of two or, more individuals for a particular interest.

Sometimes, the group could be for the right motives, other times, it could be for the wrong ones. For an associate to be seen as a group, it has to have a combination of two or more persons.

One person usually does not make up a group although one person may form a group he cannot make up the group, there has to be another person or persons for it to be regarded as a group.

In every organization, there are groups that are either formed by the organization itself or the workers of the organization themselves.

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Types of Groups

Basically, there are two types of groups that exist in organizations although, when broken down either based on their mission, belief, age, social status, position in the organization, or any other factor there may be so many types of groups basically, there are only two types of groups:

Formal Group

This type of group is made up of two or more individuals who engage in organizationally required actions in order to achieve a common purpose.

This group is a permanent part of an organization and cannot be broken apart or may not stand alone outside the umbrella of the organization which they represent.

Formal groups are created to perform a specific task within an organization to further enhance the speedy fulfillment of the organization’s objectives and goals.

Examples of formal groups in the organization are; departments, unit projects groups, task forces, and the board of directors.

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Informal Groups

An informal group consisting of a small number of people usually between three to twelve people who collectively participate in activities frequently, otherwise interact and share some sentiments for the purpose of meeting their mutual needs.

The informal groups are usually not recognized by the organization as they do not in any way support the overall goal of the organization. This group can perform exceeding well even outside the umbrella of an organization.

An example of this informal group is the contribution groups which contribute monies to meet their respective needs outside the knowledge of the organization. Other examples include friendship and interest groups.

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