How to Get a Job in Nigeria without Connection

How to Find Work in Nigeria
How to Get a Job in Nigeria without Connection is discussed in this article. This will give you…

How to Get a Job in Nigeria without Connection is discussed in this article. This will give you the needed guides on how to find work.

How to get a job in Nigeria without a connection

How to Find Work in Nigeria
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Due to the underdevelopment of the country, getting a good and well-paying job is often a difficult task for most graduates ad they comb the streets in search of any job that could at least put food on their table.

You should note that just the fact that you are looking for a job does not mean that you should settle for just anything that pops up. If you do this, you will end up getting employed in a job that will frustrate you almost for the rest of your life.

If you are looking for a job, there are a few exceptional things you must do to put yourself in the spotlight for good employers to find you.

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How to Find Work in Nigeria

1. Develop yourself

Ask you simply, ‘I am looking for a job, will I employ to work in my company if I were not me but owned a company?’ When you sincerely answer that question, you will realize that there is a sincere need to package yourself and develop your mental abilities.

Get skills that will help any sector you find yourself in. Nobody wants to employ someone that they will have to spend a part of their profit to train.

2. Learn Etiquette

Some interviews go beyond asking questions. Have you ever sat down to imagine what makes the few who are employed yearly in multinational companies pass the interviews?

Most of them are not judged based on academic qualification or speech proficiency, their etiquette is tested too.

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3. Start Searching Early

If you want to start working in a bank, you don’t start preparing when there is an opening. If you are currently in school, the best time to look for a job is when you are about to round up your studies so that there will be an opening for you already.

You should avoid taking off on the wrong ground. Don’t be part of the people who submit their applications late, submit your supplication early enough. The internet is a good place to be when you are searching for a job.

4. Create a good Curriculum Vitae

Never write your CV today with the knowledge of yesterday. There are advanced ways of writing CVs today. Don’t make your CV portray you as an unserious person.

Pay attention to the details on your CV, avoid mistakes, punctuate where necessary, and never assume that the panel will not notice the ‘i’ that wasn’t dotted or the ‘t’ that wasn’t crossed.

If you cannot write a good CV, employ the services of someone who can or research deeply into the internet with the keyword ‘How to write a good CV’.

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5. Leverage Relationships

Some of your friends or seniors in school may have gone ahead of you to find a suitable job, it is in your place to talk with them and tell them to let you know if there is an opening in their offices, you never know what just talking well to the right person may do for you.

Never assume that they know you are looking for a job, they are a little too occupied with their jobs that they may not even think about you. Put your name on their thought and you’ll discover that the result will be outstandingly amazing.

6. Apply for Jobs that you know you are qualified for

Magic does not happen at the place of performing a job responsibility. If you are not qualified to handle the job, don’t make the mistake of applying. Apply for only the jobs that you know you are capable of doing.

7. Prepare well for interviews

Before going in for an interview, in order not to lose a golden opportunity, be sure to research properly about the company and what they might want, and dress appropriately; there is no point dressing like a banker when you are applying for the job of a civil engineer, the two dress codes just do not match.

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When asked an oral question in an interview session, remember the acronym ‘KISS’ Keep It Short and Simple. Don’t say unnecessary things in the bid to get a favor.

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