7 Possible Solutions to Drug Abuse Among Adolescents 

7 Possible Solutions to Drug Abuse Among Adolescents are given in this article. We hope you find it informative and helpful for your research.

Possible Solutions to Drug Abuse

7 Possible Solutions to Drug Abuse Among Adolescents 
Possible Solutions to Drug Abuse Among Adolescents – Photo Source: https://www.mentalhelp.net

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When we talk about the Solutions To Drug Abuse Among Adolescents, it is important to note that every effort should be intensified at the national, state, and local government levels to control drug usage among Youths.

Solutions To Drug Abuse Among Adolescents

In order to achieve this objective, the focus of this article will be to suggest the following measures in order to tackle this problem.

1. Public enlightenment campaigns should be organized at all the levels mentioned above to educate people on the bad effects of drugs.

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During these processes, the radio, television, churches and mosques, schools, newspapers, marketplaces, or any legitimate social gathering, should be effectively utilized.

2. Special tribunals should be set up possibly at all the levels mentioned above to try and punish very drastically, people charged with drug usage or drug trafficking.

It may be mentioned here that the ban on cigarette smoking by youth below the age of sixteen by the Federal Government has been a step in the right direction.

Although I would not suggest capital punishment for drug offenses, the sort of punishment meted out to drug users and traffickers should be such as would scare prospective drug clients away from the such venture.

3. Satisfactory counseling facilities should be made available to youths in schools, colleagues, and the communities where they belong to help tackle the problem.

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4. Sufficient and adequate recreational facilities should be provided and the youths encouraged to make effective use of them.

5. Foreign and local TV films, which appear to promote drug usage, as well as all films that tend to portray the raw side of western civilization should be banned from the country.

Such films that are already circulating in the country should be handed over to an agency specifically charged with the responsibility of maintaining effective control of such issues.

The same should go for magazines and other publications that seem to give a rather perverted drug education to the youth.

6. The problem of unemployment should receive more attention from the Federal, State, the local government levels.

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The popular saying that the devil finds mischief in idle hands holds quite true in relation to the drug issue. Most unemployed people take to drugs in order to escape from the world of cruel reality.

The program popularly called the school-to-land program initiated in Rivers State should receive countrywide attention. The program should be vigorously pursued as one of the major means of getting our unemployed youths seriously occupied.

7. The environments of our youths should be improved and enriched to enable them to find meaning in their lives right where they are living.

Youth clubs and other organizations should be set up with programs that would attract youths to register on this platform.

Efforts should be intensified to let our youths lead meaningful and satisfying lives without resorting to drugs. Primary and secondary social controls should be overhauled generally, to offer the youths a new lease on life.

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When these suggestions are put in place, the problem of drug abuse can be eradicated.

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