5 Factors Affecting Motivation in Companies

5 Factors Affecting Motivation in Companies are listed and explicated herein. We do hope you find the article helpful and informative.

What are the Factors Affecting Motivation 

Factors Affecting Motivation in Companies
Factors Affecting Motivation in Companies – Photo Source: https://www.hoopla.net

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Most organizations recruit people in order to use them to achieve the goals they have for their organization. This means that if an organization must get the best out of its workers, it must give the workers the opportunity of realizing their goals to an extent.

As soon as the worker realizes that he can realize his own personal objectives through the help of the organization, he naturally offers his best to the organization.

Motivation is any kind of influence that brings out, maintains, or directs people’s goal-directed behavior. It is equally a set of forces that initiate behavior and determine its form, intensity, direction, and duration. The manager’s view of direction is however largely dependent on how he assumes human nature.

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Some of the Factors Affecting Motivation in Companies include:

Individual differences: this has a lot to do with the personal needs, values, interests, and abilities that people bring to the job they do.

As we all know that no two persons are the same largely because of a lot of underlying factors. As such, what brings motivation to one persona may not bring motivation to the other person.

This makes the motivation of workers in companies a lot more difficult as managers conclude that humans cannot be duly satisfied and relent in their effort to even motivate their workers.

1. Job Characteristics

The job description given to a particular staff might make it quite difficult to maintain motivation in those who hold that position.

This is largely caused by the variety of skills that may be required to do the job, that task identity, the type of feedback that the employee receives, etc.

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Sometimes, when carrying out an appraisal, an employee may perform best at where he is most competent but because he does not meet the managers’ expectations, he is poorly rated.

All of these and many more play a large part in the success of any motivation program that a company may decide to employ.

2. Organizational practices

These are the rules, human resources policies, managerial practices as well as reward systems of an organization. How an organization treats its staff depends on how the organization sees or perceives the staff and this will, in turn, affect or influence their commitment to it. The interaction of these three factors is put together to influence the motivation of an employee.

3. The personal qualities the employee brings to the workplace.
4. The tasks the employee performs in the work situation and
5. The organizational systems which affect the employee in the workplace.

Because of individual differences, people naturally respond to, both the job characteristics and the organizational practices, therefore, making it rather difficult to really state what could motivate the workers in a particular establishment.

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Notwithstanding, those managers who sincerely want to motivate their staff are always advised to, make use of a combined system of incentives and allow the workers the benefit of choosing the ones that they would most prefer.

This often in most cases helps in eradicating the individual difference which would have rebelled against just one option.

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