3 Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

3 Risk Factors for Breast Cancer are listed in this article and we do hope you find it informative and able to meet the demands of your research.

What is considered high risk for breast cancer

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

3 Risk Factors for Breast Cancer
Risk Factors for Breast Cancer – Photo Source: https://www.prevention.com

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There have been lots and lots of campaigns aimed at creating awareness and sensitizing the womenfolk about cancer of the breast to which we have lost many mothers, sisters, daughters, and grandmothers.

In 2018, a total number of 627,000 women were lost to breast cancer, and no doubt the fraction is higher for the underdeveloped countries which have inadequate and poor medical facilities.

Aside from the frequent checks, women are taught to do to see if there are lumps, or swellings on or in their breasts, many women do not know what cancer risk factors to look out for. And such ignorance is not only bad, but it is also deadly.

It is for this reason ─ for the purpose of sensitization ─ that this article was written. It will answer questions like, ‘what are cancer risk factors? Give specific examples of risk factors. And go ahead to answer the question, what happens to a woman with one or more of these risk factors (s)?

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First and foremost, breast cancer risk factors are simply factors, which when spotted in a woman make her likely to fight cancer and her victory in this fight is not always guaranteed.

These risk factors of breast cancer are firstly being a woman who is aging, say nearing 50 or just above. Below is a highlight of these risk factors.

3 Risk Factors for Breast Cancer are listed below:   

1. Reproductive history

This has to do with the age at which a female starts her monthly menstruation. Did she begin earlier than 12? That’s a red flag! If she is an older woman, did her menopause come after age 55? That also is a red flag.

Because having very active feminine hormones for much longer than 50 exposes a woman to the growth of cancerous cells.

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2. Inherited changes

A scientific way to refer to this sort of change is ‘genetic mutations. It has to do with changes that come from the genetic recombination of your parents to make up a completely new individual, which is you. Genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2, when they mutate often cause or leave a woman at a higher risk of breast cancer.

3. Previous treatment with radiation therapy

If before the age of 30, a woman has some health condition such as lymphoma is at the risk of having cancer later in their life.

This is why people are often advised to reduce to the barest minimum the exposure of their bodies to radiation from devices.

To wrap it up, if a woman is from a family which has a cancer history or has what is known as dense breasts (i.e having more connective tissues, which conceal tumors other than fatty tissues) or is overweight, takes excess alcohol, or had her first pregnancy at after 30, or is physically inactive or was once on some hormone replacement therapy, she is at risk of having breast cancer.

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In conclusion, women need to carefully read this list and do what can be done to reduce their risks of getting cancer. Shed some weight, exercise, drink less, and be more physically active.

However, it is important to note that, having one or more of these factors does not mean you must wrestle with cancer. Also having none of these does mean, immunity to cancer.

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