5 Possible Causes of Premarital Sex

5 Possible Causes of Premarital Sex are discussed in this article. We hope you find it helpful, educative,…

5 Possible Causes of Premarital Sex are discussed in this article. We hope you find it helpful, educative, and able to serve your purpose.

Cause and effect of premarital sex

Causes of Premarital Sex
Causes of Premarital Sex – Photo Source: https://www.ourhealthpage.com

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In simple words, premarital sex means sexual activities done before one is legally married. Immediately premarital sex is raised as a topic anywhere, and people narrow their thoughts and sights to young adults or probably teenagers, but that is not the case.

Anyone who is not married but engages in sexual activities is seen to have premarital sex regardless of his or her age or social status.

In ancient Nigeria, premarital sex wasn’t so rampant amongst the unmarried even though at that time, most people were idol worshippers, the unmarried person always remains till the time of marriage.

Then came the birth of international culture in the country. Most people now hide behind civilization to commit sexual immoralities before marriage.

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Causes of Premarital Sex

Below are 5 Possible Causes of Premarital Sex:

1. Education

In a bid to discourage premarital sex amongst young people, the tone of words used and even the information itself propels young people to have sex when they are not married.

Young people everywhere are hammered daily to avoid sex but because these messages are preached by incompetent people who do not balance the message adequately, instead of desisting from the act, they tend to indulge more in it.

2. Relational needs

Most young people grow up in a home where the children are not very close to their parents, their parents create an environment where the children do not feel loved, and as it is well known, everyone wants to be loved, these children grow up seeking love from the wrong places and people and anyone who shows interest in loving them gets them into a relationship.

Such relationships usually are not defined before sexual intercourse creeps in as a way of communicating love.

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This is also common among children whose parents are divorced or separated. Children with single parents or those leaving with guardians; when love is not communicated inside, people often look for it outside and this most times leads to premarital sexual intercourse.

3. Alcohol and Drugs

Excessive use of alcohol suspends the thinking faculty of the consumer. Once a person is under the influence of alcohol and drugs or illicit substances, it becomes obvious that such a person will likely think of sex especially if he or she is close to a member of the opposite sex when intoxicated because, at that time, the person has exchanged his or her sense with drugs or alcohol.

4. Peer Pressure

50 – 60 percent of premarital sex happens because the victim has been pressurized. Those who school in mixed boarding schools and those in hostels have fallen victim to this.

They are often laughed at by their friends and even cajoled until he or she succumbs to sex before marriage.

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5. Dating Early

In a generation where children outgrow their age and parents become too busy to cater to the children they brought into the world, teenagers begin dating as early as the age of 13.

This is risky as it increases the chances of having premarital sex by 50%. It was once written in a publication that “dating with no intention of getting married is like playing with a toy you know you will discard one day.” When a person is exposed to unnecessary dating, no matter the carefulness, it ultimately results in premarital sex.

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