4 Anemia Treatment Foods

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How to Treat Anemia Naturally

Anemia Treatment Foods
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As a kid, did you ever have your mom pull down your lower eyelid to examine for paleness when you take ill? Did you ever have her press the tips of your fingers to see how much blood gathered near your neatly trimmed nails?

My mother did this crude medical examination for me and my siblings each time we took ill or looked too sick.  A procedure that I later learned in my teenage days was her way of checking if we lacked blood.

The health condition in which a person is diagnosed with inadequate blood is known as anemia. This means that a person is low on red blood cells.

And it could be mild or severe with symptoms such as moodiness and constantly feeling low, hair loss, pale skin, constant tiredness, and shortness of breath.

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The treatment is dependent on the cause. What are the possible causes of anemia? The possible causes of anemia are:

  1. Loss of blood as a result of child delivery or accident
  2. Deficiency in vitamins such as Vitamin B
  3. Iron deficiency

If anemia is caused by loss of blood due to childbirth or an accident, the patient needs to be urgently treated with a blood transfusion.

The blood to be used must be properly screened and checked for compatibility with that of the patient to avoid a situation where the patient contracts a disease or dies due to the incompatibility of the blood transfused.

However, if the cause of the anemia is a deficiency in vitamins and minerals such as iron, there are a number of natural remedies that can be used to treat it.

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Anemia Treatment Foods

These remedies often have to do with including some foods in your diet. Below is a list of how to remedy anemia organically:

1. Yogurt and turmeric

Do you know that two cups of yogurt daily and a spoonful of turmeric can help cure anemia? This is especially so if the patient experiences swellings and coldness of the skin or suffers from what is called kapha-type anemia.

2. Increase your consumption of citrus or vitamin c

Oranges and grapes can come in handy here. Peel fresh oranges, squeeze the juice into a glass and drink. This will protect your body from inflammations that come with anemia.

3. Eat some dates

Dates are very common fruits in Northern Nigeria. It can be eaten fresh or dried. Dates help an anemic person to replenish their energy reserves.

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4. Add some more green vegetables to your diet

This is the commonest natural remedy for anemia. Our mothers would often squeeze out the pigments of ‘ugwu’ and mix it with either a malt drink or a can of milk and ask us to finish it in a few gulps.

Green vegetables are rich in iron and help anemic patients to produce iron. And iron is necessary for the body to produce hemoglobin for the red blood cells. Add some veggies to your meals if you exhibit any of the aforementioned symptoms.

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