4 Challenges of Being a Teenager in the 21st Century

4 Challenges of Being a Teenager in the 21st Century are given in this article. We hope you find it helpful and informative.

Challenges of Being a Teenager in the 21st Century

4 Challenges of Being a Teenager in the 21st Century
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A teenager is a person between the ages of thirteen and nineteen. This person is sometimes referred to as a teen. Most people say that the teenage years are very delicate because of how they sort of act as a bridge between childhood and adulthood.

At eighteen, your daughter or son is considered an adult. S/he can now learn to drive and obtain a legal driver’s license. S/he can now vote and be voted for at the polls. S/he can now give consent for sexual relations.

The thought of the above-listed realities is capable of freezing parents (especially first-time parents) with fear. Because in their own eyes, their boy/girl is still a child and does not yet have the maturity to make these important decisions of adulthood all by themselves.

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Teenagers face a number of challenges and it affects the adult they become, hence the need to properly address them while it is still possible to do so.

In this article, we will highlight the challenges of being a teenager and go a step further to offer tips on how to handle a difficult and impossible teenager.

So, if you are a parent, a teacher, a counselor, or an aide to a teenager, you need to sit through this article. Below is a list of the challenges facing teenagers.

Here are the 4 Challenges of Being a Teenager in the 21st Century:

1. Becoming body-conscious

The hormone-sponsored changes of a teenager come with a lot of physical changes such as breasts, pubic hair, and periods in girls and broader chests and facial hairs in boys.

The girls are particularly going to become very self-conscious and reduce their indulgence in sports which would cause their breasts to jiggle embarrassingly. Parents need to help their children adjust to this stage by not making unkind remarks about these changes.

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2. Peer pressure

Teenagers are often torn between listening to their parents or following the trends in school and those on the internet. The desire to fit in among their peers is likely to win in more instances than not.

Peer pressure is the reason why many teenagers join cults and become truants in their various schools. Parents who have won the trust of their children from childhood are less likely to lose their wards to peer pressure.

3. Educational problems

Making good grades in the teenage years requires some focus but the times in which we live do not allow young people to focus.

Teenagers are besieged by so many distractions, from social media to television shows and even family problems. For this reason, teens tend to struggle in school and teachers need to be able to step in with wisdom or have them lose interest completely and drop out.

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4. Sex and love life 

Most parents do not give their children any sex education and as such their kids become easy prey. Swayed around by every wind of their raging emotions and hormones in their teenage years.

Your son or daughter will have his or her first crush in their teenage years and how you react would determine whether they would carry you along in their love life.

We advise you to be calm and non-judgmental to avoid surprises like teenage pregnancies and undisclosed cases of multiple sexual cases of abuse.

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