Lesbianism and the Dangers

Lesbianism and the Dangers will be listed and explained in this article. We hope this guides those who…

Lesbianism and the Dangers will be listed and explained in this article. We hope this guides those who indulge in it to rethink.

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Lesbianism and the Dangers
Lesbianism and the Dangers – Photo Source: https://naijaflows.wordpress.com

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We believe you are familiar with the word ‘Lesbianism’, in case you are unaware or you just came across the word on the internet or social media platforms, we’ll briefly define the word for you.

Lesbianism is homosexuality in the female form. It is a situation in which a woman or lady is sexually attracted to another person of the same sex and in most cases, having an affair with her.

While the men who are attracted to other men are called homosexuals, the female who is attracted to another female is also called a Lesbian.

Having understood the term ‘lesbianism’, we’ll look at some dangers of being a lesbian or simply put, the bad effects of lesbianism, especially in today’s world.

Lesbianism and the Dangers

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1. Sexually Transmitted DDiseases

The spread of sexually transmitted diseases is more likely amongst lesbians because of their dirty habit of sucking and licking the private parts of their partners.

These partners may have had unprotected sexual intercourse with a male counterpart who has been infected with an STD, unaware, she passes it to her partner.

The use of sex toys too, though pleasurable could aid the transmission of STDs when it is mishandled and causes an injury to an infected person and then are innocently used by another.

2. Lesbianism promotes stress among those who practice it

When stress is mentioned here, it goes beyond physical stress but mental and emotional stress. In a country like Nigeria, Lesbianism is not an act that is celebrated and anyone who engages in it is always afraid. This leads to hiding one’s sexual life from members of the public in order not to be stigmatized. Nigeria is a country that is preoccupied basically with Christianity and Islam.

Both religious groups do not support lesbianism and attach a curse to those who practice it. Different portions of the Bible and the Qur’an warn against the act of lesbianism.

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3. Spending Unnecessarily

To satisfy oneself during sexual intercourse as a lesbian, the perpetrators buy expensive sexy toys to make their experiences pleasurable.

As good as the toys may be to them, the toys are a bit expensive hence, a lesbian will save more and use all of her savings to acquire the same pleasure she would have gotten if she had sex with a living man.

4. Heartbreaks

Though they are not common, the heartbreaks that come from lesbianism are often deep and sometimes could lead to suicide.

Once a lesbian end her relationship, she lacks what it takes to wait for the next partner, she cannot even discuss it with another person for counseling, which makes her hate herself and her ex.

This is very dangerous to her well-being as her grades fall, her health deteriorates, and her hygiene suffers until she breaks down finally.

5. Isolation from the opposite sex

A lesbian feels that she has all she needs with another woman and as such closes the door against any man who may have an interest in her. This delays her from getting married since lesbianism is not legalized in Nigeria.

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6. Living in Fear

As much as lesbianism is ‘enjoyed’ by lesbians, they carry out the act with great fear of being caught. They cannot express themselves freely in the open and this is unfair to their own lives. Anything that a person cannot do in public such as lesbianism should be discouraged because it doesn’t pay.

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