What Causes You to Talk in Your Sleep

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What Causes You to Talk in Your Sleep

Sleep Talking Treatment

What Causes You to Talk in Your Sleep
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Have you ever been in a room with someone who is sleeping and all of a sudden, you hear them talking while sleeping? Have you been told that you say all manner of things when you are deep asleep?

This is what is mostly referred to as “Sleep-Talking”, a situation in which a person speaks out words unconsciously when he or she is deep asleep.

Sleep talking sometimes happens to some people once in a while and on the other hand, some persons are perpetual sleep talkers; they talk almost every time they sleep.

Sleep talking is not limited to children as some persons claim that it is, adults of all ages also talk while they sleep although it is not readily common amongst older adults.

Sleep talking is not limited to infancy just like it was earlier mentioned and for emphasis, some persons may be perpetual sleep talkers while others may sleep talk for a few times throughout their lifetime.

Although talking while sleeping is not entirely a sign of bad health, it may not also require any special attention but sleep talking has some adverse effects.

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What to Know About Sleep Talking

The following are What to Know About Sleep Talking:

1. Poor sleep

When you talk in your dream, it is a sign that you are not sleeping well and you need to probably change your sleep position.

2. Risky

While sleep talking, sometimes, information that is not supposed to be released to the hearing of other persons may be released and this may either temporarily or permanently stop a mission or cause a long or short-term effect oftentimes when these words are said, they are often not remembered even by the sleep talker.

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3. Disturbance

If you share your bed with someone, sleep talking makes the other person wake up from sleep and it would lead to such person having inadequate sleep.

4. Health Condition

On some occasions, sleep talking can be a symptom of a health condition although on very rare occasions because up till this time, sleep experts have yet to truly identify the major causes of sleep talking.

Because of these, it is important that once a person is discovered to be an asleep talker, he or she should consciously work on a possible remedy to the situation.

It is of great importance to note that some people attribute sleep talking to dreams, they claim that sleep talkers engage in the act because they are dreaming, sleep experts believe that it is not true, some people sleep talk even when they are not dreaming.

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This makes it very difficult to trace the possible reasons for sleep talking even by experts. Howbeit, some situations, and circumstances can greatly increase the chances of someone talking and some of these circumstances are:

  1. Sickness
  2. Stress
  3. Depression
  4. Excessive intake of alcohol
  5. Lack of adequate sleep
  6. Having a high body temperature etc.

Although the above-listed factors may sponsor sleep talking, they are not exhaustive on their own, the major causes of sleep talking may differ from person to person and may not include any of the listed causes.

There is no possible treatment for this sleep disorder but it is recommended that everyone sleep comfortably in a conducive room, on a bed that is sleep-friendly, and in an environment that would aid sleep. This would greatly reduce the effect of sleep talking and give the victim rest from it.

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In conclusion, sleep talking has no serious effect on health but everyone should try as much as possible to create a condition that would sponsor sound sleep before going to bed.

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