What Happens if you Sleep too Much

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What Happens if you Sleep too Much

Dangers of Oversleeping

What Happens if you Sleep too Much
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It has been proven that an average person needs at least 6-8 hours of adequate sleep for the proper functioning of the body system.

The word ‘oversleeping comes into play in situations when a person sleeps longer than 6-8 hours daily.

As we all know, scientists are working round the clock to find out the miracle of sleep; how good or bad it is, and over the years, a lot of theories have been presented ted to us about sleep.

This article is written to help balance the scale of sleep. This is what we mean, many times, people take to social media to handle the dangers involved with sleeping very little but forget to balance it up with some real dangers of excessive sleep.

Although sleep has some real benefits such as restoring our minds, refreshing the memory, etc., sleeping in excess can greatly affect the overall health of a person and at other times, oversleeping can become a symptom of the presence of sickness in a person’s body.

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What Happens if you Sleep too Much

Oversleeping causes the following dangers to those who are engaged in it:

1. Pains

When a person is in pain, it is often recommended that he or she sleeps. But on the other hand, oversleeping can sponsor the pains and increase their effects on the body for instance, when a person has back pain, sleeping will only give the pains an avenue to worsen especially because most of the mattresses that are used in our homes are a bit old and cannot relieve back pains rather, it adds to the pains.

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2. Stroke

The University of Cambridge recently carried out a study on oversleeping where it was proven that those who sleep longer are likely to have a stroke in their later years. Aside from the

The University of Cambridge and some other credible studies of sleep have also proven the same, showing that sleep, though it is good, can provoke the body to react to stroke.

3. Weight Increase

People who sleep for so long a time are known to add up weight. This is why newly born babies are naturally long sleepers; to gain weight.

When a person sleeps too long, the body system is at rest and gets together. The fats in the body gain access to spread and cause general fats which may likely lead to obesity.

4. Death

People who sleep for too long are likely to die early and without a cause. Sleep is already a form of death and engaging more in it opens up the door to death. Sleep weakens the body’s system in a way that leads to the permanent death of the whole body.

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5. Depression

Oversleeping is majorly a major catalyst for depression. When a person oversleeps, he makes his body depressed. The longer you sleep above the regular 6 – 8 hours, the more likely you are to get depressed.

While it is very good to sleep well, you should be cautious not to oversleep just so that you can stay strong and live longer for your generation.

Sleep is a necessity but can equally become a situation of concern. In the same vein, forcing children to sleep with sleeping pills can greatly affect the child’s memory, it will usually result in having children with dull or sleeping memories.

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