Asthma Causes and Treatment

Asthma Causes and Treatment are discussed in this article and we hope you find it informative and helpful to your research.

Asthma Causes and Treatment

Asthma Causes and Treatment
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Asthma is a health condition that comes with difficulty in breathing which is caused by dust particles, pollen grains, and other irritants in the airways, causing a swelling of the nasal airways and making them fill up with mucus.

This mucosal accumulation causes a shrinking of the airways and makes breathing difficult. It is because dust particles can trigger episodes of asthmatic attacks that patients are often asked to avoid activities that will expose them to dust and the like.

Some of the signs which show when a person is slipping in and having an attack are prolonged violent coughs, shortness of breath, noisy inhalation and exhalation, pain in the chest, and difficulty in sleeping especially due to shortness of breath.

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When a patient begins to experience these symptoms so often and has to take to using an inhaler for quick relief, we can say that it has gotten worse.

It would interest you to know that a certain type of asthma is exercised-induced. There is also what is known as occupational asthma which results from inhaling the fumes at a factory or production site where one works.

And the final and commonest type is allergy-induced asthma caused by dust, smoke, pollen grains, and exudates from pests and pets.

In this article, we will give a quick highlight of natural treatments you can use to remedy asthma in case of emergencies.

Natural Treatment for Asthma

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This is will ensure that in the event of an attack, it does not escalate to “out of hand” levels before a medical doctor appears on the scene. Below are the remedies:

1. Tea and coffee

Green or black tea and coffee can be used by asthma patients when they have an attack because their caffeine content helps to clear their air passages. According to Healthline, “It (caffeine) works similarly to popular asthma medication theophylline, which opens up the airways.” This will, in turn, ease their breathing for about 4 hours before a medic comes to their aid.

2. Posture

Lying down when one has an attack will only worsen their inability to breathe. Patients are advised to sit down in an upright position to open their airways and allow for oxygen to flow in and out with less restriction.

So, if you are at a scene when first aid is being given to an asthma patient, please insist that he or she sits upright on a chair with a horizontal backrest and is asked to slowly take deep breaths.

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3. Use mustard oil

This is referred to as the best home remedy for asthma because of how fast it works. It is mixed with salt and rubbed into the chest region, apart from this, patients must try not to let the oil make contact with bare skin. Note should be taken that the mustard oil is different from mustard essential oil.

The good news is that asthma can be prevented by taking an annual pneumonia vaccine and avoiding dust, cold air, smoke, fumes, pollen grains, and other irritants which could place one at risk of having asthma.

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