7 Benefits of Pension Scheme for Employees

7 Benefits of Pension Scheme for Employees are listed and explained one by one in this article for your perusal.

Advantages of pension scheme

7 Benefits of Pension Scheme for Employees
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Over the years the pension scheme has become a policy that is maintained by both the state and highly placed private enterprises and companies due to its numerous benefits.

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Pension schemes have several benefits for employees especially by promoting further savings culture for employees.

This article will explain the benefits of a pension scheme for employees as follow:

1. It helps in reducing excessive management dues

The state places certain administrative dues and these fees are sub charged or subtracted from the salary with immediate effect and over time, this deduction is seen as a norm.

During being paid, the fees deducted from the salary when summed in a fiscal year can be surprisingly huge but during the pension scheme period, management fees are systematically reduced for the interest of the employee.

2. It helps the employee to reduce expenditure and increase the rate of savings on a futuristic basis.

These deductions in the salary of the employees are not a medium of raising revenue for the government or the management of that organization but to save more for the unpredictable future.

Most employees do not engage in any economic activity at old age or after their retirement years as such the pension scheme is then paid monthly as salary throughout retirement.

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For example, an employee may be entitled to 300,000 thousand naira monthly but due to the pension scheme, he receives 270,000 as his salary or less.

This knowledge helps the employee to spend only based on the amount available and over time, expenditure is reduced. This is one of the retirement benefits that are overlooked by the employee.

3. All payment issues can be resolved

In cases where an employee has a payment problem like declared payment or unrated salary, the payment challenge can be resolved before or during the period of retirement.

The pension scheme can be issued even to a third party after the demise of the employee in cases where the employee dies during service.

4. Service years are properly monitored and checked

The pension scheme helps the employee to be aware of his or her retirement age or period of retirement. No employee is carried unaware but there is transparency in service.

Thus with this awareness and clarity, the employee can even decide to make contributions to the pension plan willingly and adequately without any resentment.

5. The backup plan

The pension scheme serves as a backup plan or an alternative financial plan for an employee. Instead, an employee voluntarily leaves his or her job back to the labor market.

The pension scheme sets a base where certain start-up plans can be made. Also with this, the pension scheme becomes very advantageous and the plan becomes even more profitable for employees who laid up the accumulated funds.

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6. Direct tax saving

Aspect to saving for the future, with the pension scheme the employee has the privilege of instant tax saving. For example, when salaries are paid, pre-tax is deducted from the initial salary.

An employee has the benefit of direct tax saving because the pre-tax is simply deducted instead of the usual income tax.

If the income tax is deducted, it means that the employee will have to wait for the income tax to be marched to his or her salary or even recorded before salaries are revealed.

These records are usually done at the beginning of the next year to convalesce a tax overpayment. Oftentimes, these calculated taxes done at the end of the fiscal year can generate huge or higher returns over time. The employee enjoys tax savings through the pension scheme.

7. There is collection of tax protection, especially in the value invested over time

This is simply a process where the income tax is automatically paid some years after the contributions, allowing the employee to withdraw the money upon retirement.


Majority of the government workers cannot depend exclusively or merely on the government for any monetary secure retirement.

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This is because the state pension plans have had a new face of management as it is sponsored by QUEBEC (QPP) and Canada (CPP) despite the esteeming problems faced over the years.

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