How to Stop Uncontrollable Coughing at Night – 4 Ways

How to Stop Uncontrollable Coughing at Night – 4 Ways are provided in this article. We hope you find it helpful.

Sleep positions to stop coughing

Natural Remedies to Prevent Cough at Night
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Coughing is clearing infections from the body, especially in the throat. Cough is usually experienced
to be recurrent especially at night, making it very uncomfortable for one to sleep comfortably.

This could be a result of infections, allergies, or even acid reflux. Natural remedies can be very helpful in
the treatment of cough because it has little or no side effect on the human body. The focus of this article
is on the Natural remedy for the prevention of cough at night.

These are 4 Natural Ways to Prevent Cough at Night:

1. Make tea with Honey

A very vital natural remedy for coughs is making tea with honey. This is done by mixing two teaspoons
of honey with a cup of warm water, stir with a teaspoon for 2 seconds.

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Research shows that Honey can naturally relieve coughs even for children and adults. This mixture should be taken at least once or twice a day at an interval of four to six hours.

Despite that, this treatment is favorable to children but it should never be given to children below the age of one year and six months.

2. Ginger

The health benefit of Ginger is very numerous and its unique feature in the treatment of cough makes
ginger is very significant.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can even also relieve pain and minor throat problems.

This is quite surprising that these anti-inflammatory compounds in ginger can relax membranes even in the airways and it aids in the treatment of cough.

To be in a state of preparation, boil or seethed about five (5) to seven (7) slices of fresh ginger in hot water forming, or gathering.

This is advisable for the ginger to boil as this could result in seething or excessive cooking.
Hence, allow steeping for at least two to three minutes before drinking.

You can also include honey or lemon juice in your ginger tea just to give you another taste to relieve the cough.

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3. Avoid Drinking Excessive Cold Liquid

Drinking excessive liquid makes the cough severe. This can be extremely bad when the liquid is cold and
results in sneezing.

On the contrary, when hot tea took or warm tea, the cough naturally is relieved to an extent. Even warm fruit juices can be preferred and advisable for a person with a cough.

4. Make a tea with Thyme as a Natural Remedy

Thyme is a natural medicine for the treatment of cough, throat issues like sore throat, and digestive
issues. Thyme is consistent with antioxidants that are capable of curing persistent night cough.

For the treatment of coughs using thyme, make thyme tea by putting 2 teaspoons of dried thyme in a cup of hot
water. Allow it for 10 minutes before drinking.

In conclusion, If a cough is extremely severe and is persist for more than two to four weeks, it is
important to see your doctor.

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Whenever one has a cold, it is certainly caused by infection or the flu. Most times, mucus can drip internally from your stuffy nose into your throat especially when one is asleep.

This makes the cough very severe at night. It is advisable to treat a cough as fast as possible if it occurs at night try using these natural remedies as a preventive measure.

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