15 Things a Pregnant Woman Needs to Know

15 Things a Pregnant Woman Needs to Know are listed and explained one by one in this article for your perusal.

First three months of pregnancy dos and don’ts

15 Things a Pregnant Woman Needs to Know
Things a Pregnant Woman Needs to Know – Photo Source: https://www.usatoday.com

Knowledge is very important during the period of pregnancy as every pregnant reacts differently to hormonal changes. This article will explore 15 things every pregnant woman must know.

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1. Workout regularly

It is not advisable to sit down excessively during pregnancy in the respect of the month as it is considered to be very unhealthy for the unborn child.

Excessive sitting for hours has the potential or a greater risk of making pregnant women gain excessive weight gain during pregnancy has a higher degree sustaining such that even after childbirth, it may be difficult to lose weight.

Working out regularly helps and improves gestational diabetes, and avoids pre-eclampsia and varicose veins. There is also an enhancement of breath as the pregnant woman works out.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercise is very useful but certain exercise forms are conditioned for the pregnant woman for example matching is a very good form of exercise even if your body is not used to exercising.

Also squatting is another good form of exercise and this is information that the pregnant woman should be aware of to avoid lower back pain.

3. Deal with leg cramps

One essential thing that every pregnant woman must know is that she has to deal with leg cramps. Most times the leg can also increase in size thereby expanding her shoes.

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The pregnant woman may need to get new shoes with greater sizes and learn to sit in a position keeping her legs straight on a small flat surface to avoid the leg from swelling.

4. Adjust your sexual lifestyle

Every pregnant woman must know that it is essential to adjust her sexual positioning to suit the pregnancy. The dynamics of the arts of sex are very important during the period of pregnancy but can be most annoying.

It is advisable to have sex at least once in a day which will be very helpful during labor. The sexual styles that should be maintained are sided sex styles and doggy styles.

The doggy style should be carried out at a smooth and steady rate and not so fast to avoid the pregnant woman from feeling uncomfortable throughout the day.

5. Observe your body

You must know that the health of your unborn child depends greatly on you. As such when the body is over-stressed, rest to avoid any abnormality which may lead to miscarriage.

6. Drink water regularly

You must increase the intake of water during the period of pregnancy and clean water is highly recommended to avoid any abnormality.

7. Eat enough drinks and vegetables

Eating enough fruits and vegetables is a sign of a healthy pregnancy and it is recommended that the pregnant woman must eat at least three to four types of foods daily.

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8.  Cook your meals

Some foods have a risk of infections, such as toxoplasmosis or listeriosis. Food poisoning can be very persistent in foods carried outside your home. Some foods contain excessive salt, or even cause salmonella,

Listeria infection, all these issues are hazardous, especially to the unborn child. It can cause a disability in the functionality of the child.

9. Take folic acid

Folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube defects and it should be taken preferably 3 months or after the end of the first trimester.

10. Pay attention to your body cream

Most times little emphasis is laid on the type of cream that the pregnant woman should use. You must know that using skin toning creams places you and particularly the skin at least. It is advisable to use baby oil creams or even Vaseline.

11. Take vitamin D

Vitamin D also builds the bones, teeth, and muscles of the body during its formation in the womb.

12. Monitor and observe the movement of the baby

A tricking child is a healthy child and once you observe that the baby is no longer moving probably for three days, it is advisable to see your doctor easily in case there are any abnormalities.

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If it exists, it can be treated easily without damage to the pregnancy because if the child is born, these abnormalities may result in worse scenarios. The baby’s movement is a sign that they are doing very well.

13. Carryout antenatal check-ups regularly

Antenatal check-ups help the pregnant woman to have adequate knowledge about the unborn child. It also helps you to adjust properly.

For example, if you have a deficiency of blood, vitamins, or protein, these check-ups can dictate and will be prescribed by your doctor to ensure that your baby is healthy.

14. Sleep on your side during pregnancy

Sleeping on your back or even with your face down is considered very dangerous. The pregnant woman should know that it is advisable to lie on one side and change sides if any pains occur.

15.  Take vaccination

Vaccination acts as antibiotics and these antibodies will be passed to your baby through the placenta preferably from week 16 up to 32 weeks of pregnancy is the suitable period for vaccination.

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During the period of pregnancy, the pregnant woman should endeavor to take her mental health seriously and avoid the intake of alcohol or cigarette and prescribed drugs.

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