7 Personality Disorders and their Effects on Relationships

7 Personality Disorders and their Effects on Relationships are listed and explained in this article. You will find this informative.

Personality disorders and romantic relationships

How Personality Disorder affects your Partner’s Behaviour

7 Personality Disorders and their Effects on Relationships
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Personality Disorders are psychiatric diagnoses that refer to a disturbance in conduct. These enduring disturbances are associated with distress and recurrent interpersonal dysfunction in the person’s life. The psychiatric disorder causes a disability in the mind.

Sometimes this disability results in a sub-normality of one’s intelligence. People with bad personality disorder are found to be very aggressive in nature and some have a problem with irresponsible conduct.

Let’s look at the types of personality disorder

1. Paranoid personality disorder

This personality disorder is usually very suspicious of anything or something. People who have paranoid personality disorder count meanings into every action with a suspicious motive. They are very mistrustful, especially in relationships and friendships.

They are resentful or inclined to resent. This class of people tends to harbor resentment when wronged. Harboring resentment at a given moment affects the character of people by making them extremely unforgiving or spiteful and even bitter when situations arise.

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2. Schizoid personality disorder

Unlike the Paranoid which has resentment, the Schizoid is emotionally cold and detached. In matters of relationships, they are often treated without sympathy due to their cold nature.

This mainly makes them very unfavorably in friendships and relationships because they are usually taken for granted.

3. Schizotypal personality disorder

The Schizotypal is usually loved by everyone because of their social nature. Once they are in a gathering, you can spot their presence as they usually have people come around them.

They are very full of anxiety or disquietude. They are greatly concerned or solicitous, especially respecting something future or unknown but can be very anxious considering the issue of a battle.

This anxiety character trait in them makes them very worried about things just to inspire and impress people. These social traits of the Schizotypal make them earnestly desirous. They are not careful over important matters and often feel disturbed and restless.

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4.  Borderline personality disorder

The Borderline personality order is emotionally unstable. These classes of people have chronic feelings of emptiness and fear of abandonment.

Many people who have recurrently suicidal thoughts are mainly Borderline personality order. Negative thoughts frequently recur to them from time to time.

5. Dissocial personality disorder

This personality disorder is callous to others. They are emotionally hardened. When this personality disorder is given a top position in any organization, they tend to have unfeeling and indifferent to the suffering and feelings of others.

Men and women who possess this personality disorder are described by their families, husband, wives, and colleagues as being heartless and autologous.

6. Anankastic Personality disorder

They are perfectionists. This unique personality is Obsessive or prone to cause obsession. One that is capable of having one thought or pursuing one activity to the absolute or nearly absolute exclusion of all others.

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7. Histrionic Personality disorder

Another personality disorder that is so attractive is called Histrionic. They are so over concern and make good friends among peers and colleagues.

In conclusion, These mixed features in the personality disorder are usually used to describe people with an anti-social personality disorder.

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