Helpful Foods for Sickle Cell Patients

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This article is aimed at intimating you of some helpful foods for Sickle Cell Patients in order to ensure a healthy and prolonged life span for them.

The role healthy nutrition plays in human health, especially those with sickle cell anemia cannot be over-emphasized. Sickle cell patients demand a diet with increased fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.

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Helpful Foods for Sickle Cell Patients

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This combination will provide a sufficient proportion of essential nutrients sickle cell anemia patients require for the formation of blood cells and avoid sickle cell crisis (being glued to the hospital always).

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Because Sickle cell anemia is associated with low calcium intake, vitamin D deficiency, and poor appetite, sickle cell anemia patients are given vitamin B complex and folic acid to help stimulate their appetite.

They are advised to eat well regularly and ensure they take meals rich in calcium, vitamin D and Iron for healthy bones, reduction of pains in the body, blood formation and optimum flow of blood.0

In addition, sickle cell patients are advised to drink sufficient water from time to time and avoid engaging in long period fasting (drink water during the short period of fasting).

This is to avoid dehydration and stay out of stress. Thereby, reducing the tendency of developing sickle cell crisis.

Sickle cell anemia patients are also advised to reduce salt intake and fatty food but, increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

A good diet prescription for sickle cell anemia patients to help curtail sickle cell crisis, stay healthy, and reduce visits to the hospital is given below.

This breakdown contains necessary nutrients such as folate, vitamins, fiber, potassium, magnesium, protein, iron, calcium, and other cogent trace elements.

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The Helpful Foods for Sickle Cell Patients are as follows:

1. Grains and Fiber Foods for Sickle Cell Patients

Sickle cell patients are advised to take lots of grain foods such as rice, corn, wheat bread, pasta, oats, and other cereals.

This combination will help supply fiber, folate, vitamins, magnesium, and another trace element to the body.

2. Vegetable Foods for Sickle Cell Patients

Vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, green beans, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, salad, and garbage should also be consumed at high pace by sickle cell anemia patients to help supply necessary nutrients such as folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and lots more.

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3. Fruits as better Foods for Sickle Cell Patients

Fruit such as bananas, pomegranate seeds, oranges, pineapples, apples, watermelon, grapes, kiwi, peach and berries should be included in sickle cell anemia patients meal to help proffer vitamin and mineral supplements to the body.

4. Protein and oils as good Foods for Sickle Cell Patients

Proteinous food such as lean chicken, pork, fish, lean beef, shrimps, sardine, beans, cashew nuts, walnut, pumpkin seeds, peas, liver, vegetable oil, egg yolk should also be given to sickle cell patients from time to time.

Aside from protein, the food types mentioned above supplies essential nutrients such as zinc, iron, vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids for a decrease of developing chronic diseases, energy supply, optimum growth and efficient flow of blood in sickle cell anemia patients.

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5. Drinks

Sickle cell patients are to stay away from sugar concentrated drinks. Sickle cell patients are to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration and reduce joint/bone pain.

Low-fat milk, yoghurt, and cheese should be included in their diet. This will help provide calcium, vitamin D, and potassium to help maintain strong and healthy bones.

A combination of these food types will proffer necessary nutrients needed to produce new blood cells from time to time in sickle cell patients, and as well address the optimum flow/circulation of blood around the body.

Thereby, reducing the tendency of developing sickle cell crises and enable them to stay away from the hospital. They are also advised to stay out of stressful activities and always drink water.

We hope you found this helpful!

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