Health Benefits of Thyme

Health Benefits of Thyme

Health Benefits of Thyme will be explained here. Thyme has many health benefits you probably didn’t know before now.

Health Benefits of Thyme

Health Benefits of Thyme
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Thyme is one of the many spices available on earth. It has over four hundred subspecies, it is not only used for kitchen or cooking purposes as it was used in ancient Egypt for embalmment and was and is still used by the Greeks as incense to either appease their gods or chase out evil spirits.

In today’s world, hardly can you find a community that does not appreciate thyme for its numerous impacts on the taste or aroma of meals. Thyme is not insignificant in contributing important nutrients to the body.

Only very few spices on earth possess as many vitamins as the body needs to grow properly. Fortunately, thyme contains some unique vitamins that can make up a significant part of the nutrients that your body needs to live on. Thyme has in it a reasonable amount of copper, fiber, iron, and manganese.

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Health Benefits of Thyme

Thyme helps in the treatment of acne because of its anti-bacterial properties. Most over-the-counter drugs that we buy in order to fight acne have thyme as part of their active ingredients.

If you have acne and want to treat it, all you have to do is steep thyme in alcohol for about three weeks, it will form a solution called tincture which when used has a drastic effect on acne as well as some mild pimples.

From the leaves of thyme, oil can be extracted which works effectively in the fight against cough. But when it comes to the treatment of cough with thyme, thyme does not work alone, it works hand in hand with ivy leaves.

When the combination of thyme and ivy leaf extract is drunk like tea, it could help alleviate cough and other possible symptoms of acute bronchitis.

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Thyme is also very helpful when it comes to the disinfection of our homes. Some fungus grows in our homes, polluting our environment. The oil obtained from thyme naturally disperses the fungus growth around our homes and surroundings.

Have you ever been diagnosed with high blood pressure? If so, you should consider using thyme to drastically lower your blood pressure.

There is a species of thyme usually found in Afghanistan and Pakistan called ‘Thymus linearis Benth’. When some extract is gotten from this species of thyme and used on people with high blood pressure, it was observed that it helped to drastically reduce the heart rates and also reduce high blood pressure as well as the cholesterol level in them.

Rather than the excessive salt in your meals, you could substitute it for thyme sometimes. Thyme has been noted to boost the mood of people, it is for this reason that thyme has been used for therapeutic and aromatic purposes because it has an active substance called carvacrol and the substance has been known to affect the activity of the neurons, thereby boosting how people feel and uplifting their mood.

In Africa especially Nigeria where Mosquitoes are so prevalent, thyme can really help to repel these tiny blood-sucking insects.

Most of the insecticides we use contain an active ingredient called ‘Thymol’ This oil is extracted from thyme and it chases out this tiny insect when sprayed.

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In order to have an environment with fewer insects or pests, do well to plant as many thymes as possible and also rub the leaves to extract the oil against pests.

We are so sure that you have learned a few things from this article. Sincerely, there is a solution to almost every problem in life in nature.

Nature provides us with good and healthy environments and one of the avenues is through thyme. We should not neglect it.

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