10 Ways to Rid Bad Breath Permanently

10 Ways to Rid Bad Breath Permanently is aimed at giving solutions to bad breath. You have the…

10 Ways to Rid Bad Breath Permanently is aimed at giving solutions to bad breath. You have the 10 ways listed and explained in this article.

How to Stop Bad Breath from Stomach

How to Stop Bad Breath in Nigeria
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Bad breath otherwise known as halitosis is an unpleasant and disgusting condition, the condition brings about debilitating and embarrassing problems in our social life, relationships, intimacy, and other gatherings.

No matter how we are being loved and cherished by our dear ones, it does not stop them from being irritated and deterred when we have bad breath.

It’s natural for us to shift away from people with bad breath because of the foul smell it brings out when they speak.

Most time we are unable to even tell them because we don’t want them to feel bad, but this is the wrong thing to do because at some point we will find ourselves gradually avoiding them and then we lose the beautiful relationship/interaction we once had.

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The most pathetic thing about this condition is that some people suffering from this, don’t even know about it. They go about their normal activities like every other person, talking to people even at close range without caution.

The embarrassing moment surfaces when people tend to move away or cover their noses while they speak. When we come across people with a bad odor (especially family and close friends), we should encourage them to seek solutions in a very polite manner so that they won’t feel ashamed.

Meaning of Bad Breath

Bad breath is a condition whereby the exhaled breath brings out a foul and offensive odor from the mouth, nose, or throat.

Causes of Bad Breath 

  1. The major cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene, others may include; leftover food in the mouth which produces a foul smell when broken down by bacteria, dry mouth, tooth decay, nose, and throat infection.
  2. Also excessive tobacco and alcohol intake, foreign body in the nasal and dental cavity, diets like onions and garlic, disease, etc.

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How to Stop Bad Breath 

Bad breath could be stopped in the following ways: 

1. Maintain oral hygiene

Most people wake up with bad breath in the morning because they did not brush at night. We should always brush our teeth at least twice a day, or after each meal.

When we brush at night and sanitize the teeth cavities, bacteria have no leftover food particles to feed on and produce a foul smell. This will keep our mouths fresh in the morning and void of unpleasant smells.

2. Brush the tongue

Some of us brush only our teeth and we are done with oral hygiene. The tongue is a breeding place for bacteria. Dead cells and leftover food build up on the tongue, especially in people having dry mouths. A tongue scraper will also help a lot to sanitize the tongue and give us good breath.

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3. Use of dental floss is one of the ways How to Stop Bad Breath 

Brushing the teeth only cleans about 60-65 percent of the surface tooth, while dental floss will go in between the teeth to remove leftover food particles where the brush could not penetrate. This will give us an all-around refreshment.

4. Check the diet

Some diets are linked to bad breath, for example, excessive intakes of spicy food like onion and garlic. Consumption of such a diet should be controlled to avoid bad breath.

5. Avoid sugary food

Too much Sugary food is not good for the teeth. It causes gum infection, and tooth decay and this may lead to bad breath.

6. Stay hydrated

If the mouth is dry it can build up a bad odor, some diseases such as xerostomia can also cause the mouth to go dry. Drink plenty of water to avoid a dry mouth.

Chewing gum or sucking sugar-free sweets can help stimulate the production of saliva and keep the mouth wet.

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7. Cut down on alcohol/ Tobacco consumption

Alcohol and tobacco products dehydrate the mouth and also increase the chances of gum disease which can cause bad breath.

8. Refresh the mouth after a nap

When the mouth remains closed for a long period of time it becomes deoxygenated and dry. Microbial activities may begin and cause an unpleasant smell. So it is relevant to brush again for fresh breath.

9. Use medicated mouthwash/toothpaste

Some medicated mouthwash containing mint can help combat the issue of bad breath.

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10. Visit a doctor 

If bad breath still persists after exhausting all other measures, medical attention is advised.

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