Tribalism in Nigeria and its Causes

Tribalism in Nigeria and its Causes will be discussed in this article as well as the many problems…

Tribalism in Nigeria and its Causes will be discussed in this article as well as the many problems caused by tribalism in the country.

What are the causes of tribalism?

Tribalism in Nigeria

Tribalism in Nigeria and its Causes
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At the beginning of the end of nationalism lies the dreadful monster called ‘Tribalism’. In a country as big as Nigeria where so many tribes and cultures are found, tribalism becomes a threat.

A situation in which people of a particular tribe accept only to identify with those of their tribe is often what is referred to as tribalism.

This article is written therefore to spell out tribalism and vividly expose its cancerous acts so that everyone can take heed. Read on.

Tribalism is a condition in which people of a particular tribe hold on to their own lifestyles and beliefs with all amount of alacrity and see other persons from other tribes as potential enemies.

This attitude is usually propelled by either an inferiority complex or a superiority complex. At the birth of tribalism is the emergence of sectarianism; a situation in which people group themselves based on their tribes, receive or get favor from only those of their tribes, etc.

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These people put barricades against the entrance of the norms or beliefs of other tribes, they are contented and feel very safe with only those who are of the same tribe as them. Those who engage in tribalism are called tribalists.

It is good to identify with one’s tribe but the problem comes when one does not recognize that sometimes, their own belief and perception could be very wrong and that it is beautiful and better when there is unity in diversity.

Nigeria is a country made up of about 520 languages, and tribes. Most times on social media platforms and even offline, there have been tribal differences leading to issues that when not properly handled, escalate to a greater problem. A typical example is the ‘Boko Haram Insurgency’.

Tribalism is not a symptom, there is always a catalyst to it, and quickly in this article, we will briefly examine some of the causes of tribalism.

Tribalism in Nigeria

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Tribalism in Nigeria: Causes

1. Religion

It is often noted that there is three major religion in Nigeria, but advancement in technology cokes, only two religions to remain profound; Islam and Christianity.

These two religions often sponsor tribalism due to their mode of operation. Looking through the ages, one of the causes of denominational differences in the church has always been tribal conflicts. The Boko Haram Nightmare steamed also out of religion.

2. Marginalization

When some part of the country, state, region, or province receives great attention from the leadership, the minority group who have been neglected will automatically confide in themselves and sometimes revolt against the authority.

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3. Amalgamation

The merging of two or more incompatible ethnic groups and making one of them superior to the other is also a major cause of tribalism in Nigeria.

4. Resource Control

In Nigeria, some states generate more revenue than other states. When the allocation for a state does not match up with what the state generates for the country, it becomes an open door for tribalism to creep in.

5. Lack of Vision

Due to the fact that the country is formed with a lot of different cultures and traditions, there seems to be a lot of focus on the country such that there is no singular direction for her.

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The leaders seem not to have a direct vision for the country that is not ambidextrous to all ethnic groups, thus empowering Tribalism.

If tribalism is allowed to grow at all levels, in little or no time, Nigeria will be history.

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