Solutions to Ethnicity Problem in Nigeria

Solutions to Ethnicity Problem in Nigeria are discussed herein. One of Nigeria’s major problems is ethnicity, and solutions…

Solutions to Ethnicity Problem in Nigeria are discussed herein. One of Nigeria’s major problems is ethnicity, and solutions are suggested in this article.

Solution to Ethnicity

Solutions to ethnicity problem in Nigeria
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60 percent of the challenges in Nigeria are a result of ethnicity. While some people feel cheated, others have fewer privileges.

This creates issues in the country and makes some people want to split up to be an independent nation. A typical example is a cry for the Biafra Republic, book haram, Niger Delta militants, etc.

No matter how much the country tries to improve the living standard of its people, it cannot achieve the peace it desires if people consciously or unconsciously sponsor ethnicity.

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Solutions to the ethnicity problem in Nigeria

The Solutions to the ethnicity problem in Nigeria are discussed below:

The grease Nigeria needs to become a developed nation is in the container of National Unity. Unity is the key to National development.

Until all tongues in the country come together and make up their mind to forego the diversity in their tongue and culture and join hands to fight national disunity, the country will not transcend to the height of development it dreams of.

To solve the challenge of ethnicity, all states in the country do not produce everything they need to foster their economic needs.

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There should be a flow of natural resources from the state that has to the states that do not have such. Goods and services should also follow that pattern. There should be a swift flow of natural and material resources within the country from one state to another.

The peace of any nation rests on the shoulder of the youths in that country. Youths should not be left out of the quest to bring the ethnic challenge to an end.

Every youth in the country should be reached out to with the education of peace, they should be taught that above selfish reasons, every ethnic group needs to stay together in peace and harmony if we are to build a nation void of sectarianism.

This sensitization should begin in the primary education of every child, let’s not forget that it is easier to train a child than to correct an adult.

Those who stand at the forefront of the nation presently may opt-in for tribalism and ethnicity, the youths should be reminded constantly that the fate of the nation they’ll live in after the elders are gone rests upon their shoulders and they should do everything possible to maintain peace.

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Just like there are ambassadors from one country to another, it is important for there to be interstate ambassadors. These people will then act as channels of peace between the two states.

Business transactions between both states could be monitored and the person could mediate peace and tranquility between both states.

One reason why Boko Haram has not succeeded in its objectives is that to an extent, the north has become a mixed multitude with people from different parts of the country and different beliefs staying together.

This is why more intertribal marriages should be encouraged. Parents shouldn’t shun their children from marrying outside their tribe.

Parents should be very happy when marriage is done between parties of different ethnic groups because it will go a long way to sponsoring national unity.

Currently, one thing that brings everyone in Nigeria together is Football. Even during the Biafra crisis, everyone sat in unity and hoped for Nigeria as a country to win their matches.

If more events or festivals can be organized like football, ethnicity will be reduced to the minimum. Once collective interest is established, inter-ethnic unity becomes very possible.

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In conclusion, it is not enough to read this article, in your little capacity, you should encourage unity in Nigeria. You should stand up against those who want to foster tribalism and religious sectarianism.

You need to organize things that will bring people from different ethnic groups together in unity because it is one of the things you promised to do for your country as you daily recited the pledge in your elementary school days, don’t forget “to defend her unity…”

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