Solutions to Migration Crises in Nigeria

Solutions to Migration Crises in Nigeria will be discussed in this article to contribute to the fight against…

Solutions to Migration Crises in Nigeria will be discussed in this article to contribute to the fight against illegal migration in Nigeria.

Issues and challenges of migration

Solutions to Migration Crises in Nigeria
Solutions to Migration Crises in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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Migration is said to occur when a person or group of people move to another geographical zone with the intention of permanently or temporarily settling there.

This exodus is often done over a long distance, they travel very far away from their initial place or country of residence. Sometimes, however, migration is done internally from state to state.

Migration sometimes is done by a person, people, or rarely by communities. Migration, however, is very different from the following terms which include refugees, displaced persons, or asylum seekers as these three groups are determined by circumstance but migrants intentionally leave their territories in search of greener pastures.

Nigeria has taken a lot of steps to fight the migration of her citizens but despite all that is said and done, migration is still on the rise and it was to this end that the chief Mission of the International Organization of Migration said that until the root causes of Migration is duly tackled, migration rate in the country will perpetually increase.

Solutions to Migration Crises in Nigeria

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1. Effective Sensitization

Many people do things they know nothing about maybe because of their conditions or because they see another person succeeding in it.

These persons are oblivious to the possible negative effects that their actions may accrue on them as individuals or on others around them.

Those who migrate from one place to another are no exception to this danger. In this regard, proper sensitization should be done to ensure that everyone has an apt understanding of the dangers of migration.

The media is where most people spend most of their leisure time, a lot of shows and dialogues should be brought to play, as often as people are informed against an act, the more possible it is for it to get registered in their minds.

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2. Schools and Religious Organizations Should Enlighten their Students/Members about the Dangers of Illegal Migration

Schools should ensure that they teach their students and the general public against unnecessary migration. There is no place like home and if we must bask as a nation, we must imbibe the spirit of togetherness.

3. Strict laws should be made by the government and relevant law enforcement agencies should have their hands on deck against illegal migration

The earlier the country does this, the better. Defaulters of the laws should not just be punished but should also be reoriented on the dangers of their actions.

Individuals are not left out of it. One of the major factors that sponsor illegal/unnecessary migration is discontentment.

People should be contented with what they have at times and should they need help, they should learn to ask for it. There is no such place as a greener pasture or field, everywhere has the potential of becoming green as long as it is well nourished.

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Illegal migration, even to the migrants does more harm than good and as such, the best a person or group of people can do for themselves is to embrace where they find themselves and make it a haven for both themselves and their children unborn.

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