Importance of Restructuring in Nigeria

Importance of Restructuring in Nigeria will be discussed here. This will help some people especially leaders who are…

Importance of Restructuring in Nigeria will be discussed here. This will help some people especially leaders who are yet to agree with the ideology.

Benefit of Restructuring in Nigeria

Importance of Restructuring in Nigeria
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A country hit by heavy stones of prejudice, marginalization, injustice, ethnic suppression political instability, etc. in a bid to cause it to disintegrate, necessarily needs a reordering in order to align with the true tenets for securing its territoriality and sovereignty.

Nigeria’s unity has been threatened many times by calls from different parts of the country for restructuring, to make for equity and social justice, and fairness.

There have been agitations from different regions for self-determination and self-rule; for adjustment of some policies which do not favor the entire country, and for bias on the basis of economic deprivation in the distribution of the nation’s wealth.

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The Nigerian state needs to, as a matter of urgency, look into the agitations and address, and/or redress the causes of its instability evidenced by the marginalization that several ethnic groups have faced since after the civil war.

It is these hurt feelings and suspicions that are creating the foundations of the failure of the Nigerian state and has hampered the process of nation-building in Nigeria.

Nigeria operates the federal system of government, but only in theory. It is the absence of true federalism that has plunged the country into chaos.

Where some parts of the country seem marginalized or side-lined in political participation and economic inclusion, it makes for unfavorable co-existence and instability.

It is the reason we have insurgency, militancy, and secessionist movements in Nigeria – a plea for justice in our country.

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It is the reason for Nigeria’s defective structure, underdevelopment, and non-performance of government.  It is also the reason many are calling for the disintegration and divorce of the insatiate amalgamation.

Restructuring is not a strange concept. Many successful countries had to restructure their political and economic systems to arrive at the level of stability they currently enjoy.

Restructuring in Nigeria has to be intentional. The essence is to create a real spirit of true nationhood, and the readiness of every entity to build a unified, unwavering, and interconnected nation.

Restructure will involve setting up policies and structures to address the many problems Nigeria is currently facing, and ensure equitable distribution of the nation’s wealth as well as good governance.

It is a truism that no country is totally free of issues, but some to a great extent have been able to tackle their challenges so that the level of unrest and agitations from different components of such countries are reduced.

Restructuring Nigeria will mean bringing the interest and suggestions of every region or faction of the country to bear and applying such in the template of policy formulation and governance.

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Importance of Restructuring Nigeria

  1. For justice and equity
  2. Because of the destabilization currently experienced in the country
  3. To nullify the current constitution which was based on colonial supervision and military interference, and establish a people’s constitution
  4. For economic transformation
  5. To help our democracy achieve better governance.
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