Solutions to Bad Governance in Nigeria

Solutions to Bad Governance in Nigeria
Solutions to Bad Governance in Nigeria will be discussed in this article. These are to salvage the problems…

Solutions to Bad Governance in Nigeria will be discussed in this article. These are to salvage the problems of governance.

Effect of Bad Governance in Nigeria

Solutions to Bad Governance in Nigeria
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Governance is a form of leadership role that involves the exercise of political, economic, and administrative power to meander.

For a nation or state to grow economically and politically, it needs a government that can put the interest of the people first before any other motive.

This is the true mark of being a good government. Over the years, since the independence of Nigeria and the creation of many states, Nigeria has had a blend of both good and bad leaders overseeing her affairs.

This has brought about a lot of changes, development, and even stunted growth. Bad governance has caused a lot of setbacks to the economy and in the bid to stop it, every citizen must arise and put a stop to it.

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Solutions to Bad Governance in Nigeria 

1. Electing without a biased mind

Many times at the polling units where citizens are supposed to make their choices for a good leader, sentiments are allowed to cloud the judgment of the people, instead of voting for the qualified and the best, people begin to choose their leader on inconsequential factors like gender, religion, material possession, relationship, etc.

They forget that whoever they choose as leaders will alter the fate of the nation for a certain period of years.

The election process should be done in the country void of any form of political, religious, gender, tribal, social, or academic influence. The best man for the job should be elected

2. Enlightening the masses

The masses should be made to understand the effect of the choices they make. They should be made to understand that no factor is enough for the election of a person into a position of power except credibility.

If every citizen in the country is properly enlightened and made to understand that the temporal bribe of cash or food items given to them during the election period is nothing compared to if the right person comes into power.

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3. More transparency

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should be more open to the general public. Votes should be counted properly and no politician should be allowed to truncate democracy by buying votes directly from the INEC.

In the 2019 general elections, there were cases where people felt betrayed by the commission based on the fact that the numbers of accredited voters were lower or higher than the actual numbers.

The commission should try to automate the voting system and make everything computer-based to avoid a lot of human errors.

4. The rule of law should be given life

In Nigeria, there are so many laws that are not followed. Should these laws be adequately followed, the country will have a pure system filled with lesser people who are only out there to enrich themselves. The judicial system of the nation should be revitalized.

You see an underperforming person, the masses concur with the person’s ineffectiveness, and such a person should be ejected from the system without waiting for another four years.

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5. Vision 

Nigeria is a big country and whoever must lead the country must have a vision at heart for her. Any government without a well-spelled vision will only do the nation more harm.

It is not enough to have these visions, the masses and judicial system should also put up measures to ensure that this vision is followed adequately until its fulfillment.

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