8 Ideas to make money

8 Ideas to make money are discussed in this article to show you how you can make that…

8 Ideas to make money are discussed in this article to show you how you can make that money you need badly before the year ends.

Creative ways to make money

8 Ideas to make money
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Yearly, we have things we want to achieve, and your guess is as good as mine that you have to achieve a lot before the end of the year.

Whether you believe it or not, as years come to an end, there are pressing needs that you have to meet, and irrespective of the goals you had set for the year, you will need a lot of money to bring them to realization.

It is always not too late to make a lot of money, all you have to do is to follow some of the steps that will be listed and explained in this article.

Ideas to make money

1. Get a profitable online job

There is nothing as sweet as working yet you are free to be wherever you want to be at the time. Online jobs give you that privilege.

Online jobs also allow you to do as many other things as possible while still making huge money.

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2. Start a blog or own a website

Blog and website owners make a lot of money right from the comfort of their homes. You don’t need any specialized skill (although tech skills will be an advantage) all you have to do is own a website or blog, post content on it, attract a lot of followers, and watch the money come to your account either through Google AdSense or through advertising.

3. Write and publish PDF books

There are many situations facing a lot of people and since hardcopy books are gradually losing their grip as people are moving to the era of soft copy, you can also write a book in PDF format and sell it. This can fetch you more money than you asked for.

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4. Teach people something

Whether you do it offline or online, teaching a group of people how to solve mathematics or any other subject, even how to sew a dress will be an amazing money-making avenue as long as you have updated information, people will keep flocking to your social media handle or resource center for more information.

5. Bulk SMS

With less than N15,000, you could be dancing your way into becoming a millionaire with the residual income that bulk SMS generates.

All you need to do is simply build a bulk SMS website, introduce it to a few friends, and watch your business grow. You don’t need so much stuff, all you need is an active bank account to cash your money.

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6. Money Lending

If you have a little extra cash to save, why not consider lending it to someone who has the credibility of paying his debt with maybe 10-15 percent interest. It is just like saving your money but with greater interest within a short period.

7. Start an online store

With the emergence of technology, everything is going online. You can have a store where people order stuff. All you have to do is to operate like Jumia, and in little or no time without any huge investment, you will find yourself amongst one of the big boys in town.

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8. Become a Bet9ja Agent

This is a sure way to make quick money. Bet9ja has made more millionaires than most oil companies. Just become an agent and you’ll testify.

When you make your money, just do us well to come back here and write an appreciation note!

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