Top Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria

Top Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria are listed and explained in this article and we hope you find it informative and helpful for your research.

Top Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria

Communication Companies in Nigeria
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Communication companies are those which make the transfer of information from one person to the other possible. They act as the information transfer media in which the sender reaches his or her receiver(s).

Communication companies are very important in this information age because communication is the grease for networking and hence many of us, if not all, are customers of various communication companies.

This article will let you in on the communication companies in Nigeria, including the very popular ones you patronize.

Below are some of the Communication Companies in Nigeria:

1. Globacom Limited

Is Africa’s fast-growing telecommunications company. It is what is popularly referred to as Glo.

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2. Kajab Engineering Services Limited

Provides a number of services which include supply, installation, operation, and maintenance of telecommunications and broadcast equipment.

3. IPNX Nigeria

This is a leading provider of infrastructure-based telecommunications and Information technology services in Nigeria.

4. Mobitel Limited

This is telecommunication providing private networks, dedicated broadband, and digital fiber optics.

5. Owntel Communication Network

This is a telecommunication provider in Lagos which strives to be the top choice of customers looking for innovative solutions in telecommunication.

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6. Teledom International Limited

Automates every socio-economic process using broadband Information and communications technology with appropriate content solutions to boost national economic productivity and prosperity.

7. Weco Systems International Limited

Assists you in design implementation and optimization of all solution needs from the basic to the very complex.

8. MT Technologies Solutions Limited

This is an ICT/Telecoms service and solutions provider. We offer across-the-spectrum ICT/Telecoms, electronics products, services, and solutions.

9. Taylor Communications Solutions Limited

We are working to deliver dedicated telecommunication infrastructures and services to businesses in Nigeria.

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10. Rantech Telecommunication

This is a company offering networking and other telecom services.

11. MTS First Wireless Nigeria Limited

This is a national telecom operator licensed in Nigeria to provide wireless telephony services, national long-distance communications services, international gateway services, and internet services.

12. Radial Circle Telecommunications Limited

This is an incorporated company that offers hybrid integrated communications solutions to onshore and offshore sectors in the oil & gas, marine, and IT industries.

13. ComKoncepts Nigeria Limited

This is a telecom company that provides services such as telephony, broadcasting configuration, and installation.

14. Tellnet Nigeria Limited

This is a telecommunication company that offers services in private communications networks, VAST Services, and information technology services.

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15. 9 Mobile

This is one of the telecom service providers in Nigeria offering brick and bulk recharge card services.

16. Airtel Nigeria

This is a service communication center offering provision of airtel network, brick, and bulk recharge card services.

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