How to Start Turkey Farm

How to Start Turkey Farm guides you on how to start a Turkey Farm business. We hope you…

How to Start Turkey Farm guides you on how to start a Turkey Farm business. We hope you find it enlightening and helpful.

How to Start Up a Turkey Farm

How to Start Turkey Farm in Nigeria
How to Start Turkey Farm in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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Nigerians love to eat meat. Meats from birds tend to taste better and are more expensive. You can key into this situation and create wealth for yourself.

Even if you have a good and reliable source of income, you can raise turkey as a side hustle in Nigeria. Before you start raising turkey in Nigeria, you need to decide fully and decide whether you want to go into the turkey business.

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The poultry business in general is labor-intensive. You can raise the regular fowl and the turkey on your poultry farm.

You might wonder how lucrative the business is. Well, as we all know, turkey tastes better than other meat from other birds.

There are fewer farmers raising turkey as compared to fowl. For these reasons, turkey meat is more expensive than regular fowl.

Even a turkey egg is bigger, rare, and very expensive. You can make a lot of profit from this. Before you start your turkey farm in Nigeria, you need the know-how on the business.

How to start Turkey Farm in Nigeria

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Here are Guides on How to start Turkey Farm in Nigeria:

1. Know more about the turkey business

How much do you know about turkey? Take some time out and learn about turkey farming and turkey behavior. Find out how much it will cost to set up a turkey farm.

Find out about other demands of turkey farming. Take a walk down to a turkey farm around you if possible. Get practical knowledge about it.

However, do not fret if you have zero knowledge about poultry farming. Just learn the little you can. When you put them into practice, you will know more.

2. Put up facilities for turkey farming

After you have acquired the needed basic knowledge of what you are about to engage in, build the facilities for your turkey business.

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Birds are reared in pens. Build one, or two, depending on what your business plan is. For the pen, you need cement blocks to build around the pen with a height of 3 blocks.

Up to the roof, you need strong wire netting. Also, procure the feeding troughs. The quantity or size of each facility is dependent on the number of birds you want to raise. You should raise fewer birds for a starter until you have garnered some experience.

3. Choose the turkey breed(s) to raise

The turkey bird has a wide range of breeds or species. You need to decide what breed to raise. Some breeds might not be adaptable to the Nigerian climate.

Some breeds may not have resistance to animal diseases. Ask around to know what breed will enhance the profitability of your business.

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Some turkey species include wild bronze, broad-breasted white, broad-breasted bronze, etc. in addition, you should know that turkey toms (male) carry more weight than the turkey hen (female).

Thus, the heavier the bird, the more the income from it. You can also rear turkey strictly for the meat or for both meat and egg. Decide.

You can buy your day-old turkey chicks from a local supplier or another farm. Take great care to avoid buying ones with defects and health issues.

4. Get feeds for your turkey

You need starter mash for day-old chicks before you upgrade to something more mature. You use layers for birds reared for egg production. Use growers for your broiler turkey birds.

5. Caring for your birds

You need vaccination for turkey birds. Consult a veterinarian. The birds need to be debeaked. The claws need to be regularly trimmed. These practices keep the birds from injuring each other. Change the bedding as regularly as possible.

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6. Selling your birds 

Put words across to people you know. You can also use social media and mass media to advertise your products. Do not get cheated. Stay updated on the market demands and value of turkey. I wish you success running your turkey farm.

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