Nigerian Customs Service Recruitment 2021-2022

Nigerian Customs Service Recruitment 2021-2022 is explained here. This is to enlighten interested persons on how to get…

Nigerian Customs Service Recruitment 2021-2022 is explained here. This is to enlighten interested persons on how to get a Customs job in Nigeria.

How to Get Customs Job in Nigeria

How to Get Nigerian Customs Service Job
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For a long time now, The Nigerian Customs Service has been a parastatal that keeps the boundary of the nation. The Nigeria Customs Service is an independent paramilitary service that operates under the supervision of the Nigeria ministry of finance.

The Vision of the Nigerian Customs Service is to excel in an efficient and timely collection and accounting for revenue as well as implementing and advising the government on trade and fiscal policies in order to promote trade facilitation.

The Nigerian customs also acts as a major inter boundary security agency that protects the Nigerian citizens by seizing goods referred to as contrabands by the Federal or state government.

The Nigerian customs have her corporate headquarters situated at Abidjan Street in Wuse, Zone 3 Abuja.

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Some of the functions of the Nigerian Customs include but are not limited to:

  • Stopping the activities of smugglers,
  • Securing the country’s borders against contrabands and illegal activities,
  • Registration of collecting banks,
  • Revenue collection,
  • Enforcing fiscal policies of the government
  • Licensing and Registering customs agents,
  • Processing Manifests
  • Statistics Generation for planning and Budgetary purposes;
  • Monitoring Foreign Exchange utilization etc.

How to Get Customs Job in Nigeria

Yearly, the agency recruits newbies for training and ultimately staffs them. This has given the average Nigerian person the opportunity to both earn an income and serve his country.

Unfortunately, most people do not know how to go about the application process in order to be enlisted in the payroll of the Nigerian Customs Service, this is why this article is written.

First, you need to be online to know when the form is out. As of the time of publication of this article, the application form portal has already been made open and accessible to all, you just have to grab the opportunity right now and apply by visiting and you will be directed to where you can fill the form instantly.

The portal for Customs is Uploads and documentation shall be done here.  If the portal is not live, for now, do not panic as the portal will be live at the appropriate time.

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Customs service has three categories from which applicants can choose and the categories are:

  • Superintendent Cadre (These are the senior ranking officers),
  • Inspectorate Cadre (These are middle-ranking officers)
  • Assistant Cadre (These are junior ranking officers in the commission)

When you see these categories, under any of them that you wish you apply for, click on ‘View Vacancies’

Look at the requirements listed under each of them and apply for the one you are more qualified for by clicking the ‘apply for this job’ link on the portal.

Fill out the account creation form and click the ‘create account’ link on the portal after you have created an account, a confirmation mail will be sent to the email address you must have provided when creating your account.

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You are to open the mail and click on the ‘Click here’ link and verify your identity in order to complete your registration.

Before you do the registration, be sure that all your credentials are up to date and ready to be presented, and don’t just submit your application and go to sleep, check online frequently for information regarding that effect. Your mail inbox should also be a place you visit always so that you don’t miss out on anything.

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