Solutions to Divorce – 5 Ways to Avoid It

Solutions to Divorce – 5 Ways to Avoid It is discussed herein. This is to proffer solutions to…

Solutions to Divorce – 5 Ways to Avoid It is discussed herein. This is to proffer solutions to the marital problems faced by millions of Nigerians daily.

How to Overcome a Divorce

Solutions to Divorce - 5 Ways to Avoid It
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Divorce is a state whereby two people who have been spiritually and legally bound in a marriage decide to separate thereby issuing themselves a certificate to effect their separation.

The word divorce is not a new word as far as marriage is concerned because every day, people get fed up with their partners either due to infidelity or mutual agreement based on the fact that what held them together was no more.

People get divorced in developed countries through a legal standard but here in Nigeria, a lot of couples just stop living together. Either way, the moment two connected people in marriage get disconnected, divorce has happened.

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The cause of divorce amongst people could be tangible and intangible. So many marriages have been dissolved because of things, others because of events, and some because of people.

How can we curb this monster called divorce that has caused great havoc in our society? Many books and articles have been written and a lot of messages preached. In this article, you’ll discover how to kill this monster that is called Divorce.

Solutions to Divorce:

1. Talk, I say talk and do a lot of it

As far as marital relationship is concerned, once you stop talking to your spouse, the marriage starts dying. Couples need to develop good communication skills.

The same communication that the relationship had during the courting period should grow better each day. Talk to your spouse and ensure that you convey the right messages through your words.

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2. Learn to speak the love language of your spouse

Most people are so ignorant as long as a love language is concerned. You should read Gary Chapman’s book on 5 love languages.

It’ll expose you to apt information on how you can make your spouse fall in love from the first day of meeting him/her till the last day when death takes either of you because truth is, if you cannot speak a person’s language, communication cannot happen and when communication is taken away from a marital relationship, what you have left is simply a marriage awaiting divorce.

3. There are so many persons in this world, if you are not yet married, don’t marry out of sentiments

Sentimental marriages have a 90% chance of divorce. If you married someone because of sentiments like religious belief, social status, academic qualification, family background, or any other factor, you are likely going to be faced with a situation you did not expect.

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4. Get the foundation right

As one of the ancient religious books rightly opines, if the foundation of a thing is destroyed, what else can the righteous do? There is nothing you can do to sustain your marriage if you get your foundation wrong.

5. Don’t just jump into marriage

Marriage is just one decision you need to make for a lifetime. No self-help or counseling can help keep your marriage because if it does, America would have the least divorce records because of the singular fact that they have a lot of marriage counselors. But around the world, America records the highest number of divorce cases.

In conclusion, divorce does not just happen. It is accumulated unsolved or unspoken errors, unchecked attitudes, and overlooked misunderstandings that sponsor divorce in the long run.

While dating someone or in marriage, you need to be careful and pay attention to the tiniest details. What you enjoy might be what another detests.

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What you detest might be your partner’s likes. You cannot just expect a person to become like you or share your likes and dislikes. You need an adequate level of understanding, love, and mutual respect to live longer in the marriage relationship.

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