5 Solutions to Bad Leadership

5 Solutions to Bad Leadership in Nigeria are listed and explicated in this article. You will find this…

5 Solutions to Bad Leadership in Nigeria are listed and explicated in this article. You will find this helpful and informative.

Solutions to Bad Leadership

Solutions to Bad Leadership in Nigeria
Solutions to Bad Leadership in Nigeria – Photo Source: http://www.ibctrain.com

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Because the Leadership problem is one of the prime problems that Nigeria is facing, Solutions to Bad Leadership in Nigeria will be discussed in this article.

Bad Leadership is common in Africa, especially in Nigeria where leaders are recycled. It has now seemed as though there are only a few people in the country and every time a leader is about to be made, we keep choosing from the last ones who had been there before.

This has caused a delay in the development of our dear country as these leaders come up not to lead but to rule the country.

They impose their personal needs on the treasury of the country and the resources that would have been used for collective interest are channeled to the purse of a leader rather than the stream of production for all citizens.

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However, the challenge is not to be blamed on bad leaders alone, when a person has the opportunity to choose a leader rightly, such a person forgoes the right person just because he or she does not have money.

The money-donating leader seats in and becomes a tyrant. He torments whoever wants to challenge him. However, where there is a problem, look very closely, the solution is not far from it.

Solutions to Bad Leadership in Nigeria

Solutions to Bad Leadership in Nigeria can be achieved if we do the following:

1. Leaders should not be recycled

When a leader knows that he or she is not indispensable, he will sit up and put the people’s interests ahead of his personal interest. Aside from that, Nigeria is a country that is vastly blessed with a lot of intellectuals.

There are men and women who have better prospects for the country. There are those who are fit to lead the country but are not given the chance because sentiments have beclouded our sense of reasoning.

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2. Leaders should be chosen or elected based on merit and not on any other sentiment

It is important that people merit the seats they occupy so that they don’t underperform and jeopardize the resources at their disposal.

3. Nepotism should not be The yardstick when choosing a person leader

The task of a leader in any organization is too great to be cast on Nepotism. Leaders should emerge who have either been born or made leaders.

4. Leaders should be trained adequately to impact the people he leads

A leader who knows nothing cannot lead at all. The knowledge or information that a leader is exposed to should be constantly updated and reviewed.

We live in an evolving world, leaders should lead each day with relevant information that will produce maximum results.

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5. Leaders should try to match their reputation and character together to make sure that they meet at the center point

When leaders do not have respect for themselves, and only consider the images of themselves before the world and not on a personal level, the people he leads may be headed for destruction.

Leaders should at all times consider the philosophical question asked at a point by John Mason who’s asked, “will your character recognize your reputation if they were to meet in the dark?”

In conclusion, leaders at whatever level are key elements in the development of a society, organization, religious group, or nation.

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The people have the sole responsibility of making the resources right choices and no leader should force himself on the people as that would lead to an imbalance in the way the people react to the leader.

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