Solutions to Malnutrition in Nigeria

Solutions to Malnutrition in Nigeria will be provided in this article. This is a way of curbing this…

Solutions to Malnutrition in Nigeria will be provided in this article. This is a way of curbing this demeaning and embarrassing dent in Nigeria.

Problems of malnutrition in Nigeria

Solutions to Malnutrition in Nigeria
Solutions to Malnutrition in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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Over the years, there has been a rise in the death toll of people especially children in the country because of the increased poverty level which has ultimately led to malnourishment.

Malnourishment is a situation in which a person gets into the body with little or no nutrients required to foster healthy growth and development.

However, it is worth noting that cases of malnourishment are rarely reported amongst the middle class and the elites. It is a case commonly found among the extremely poor in the country.

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Efforts have been made by the government since 2015 to initiate the school feeding program which was targeted at reducing malnutrition and ensuring that children within school age get fed in school.

This approach has tackled malnutrition in a way but it is not comprehensive enough because the children who are not properly fed most times do not go to schools no matter how free the school is.

Malnutrition, however, is not limited to children. Adults experience malnutrition. It is a general predicament that befalls the old and young.

Solutions to Malnutrition in Nigeria

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Here are Solutions to Malnutrition in Nigeria:

1. Proper dietary education should be given to all

Most people need to realize that a balanced meal is not an expensive meal but simply a meal that contains all classes of food.

It is understood that there are extremely poor people in the country, at the same time, there are meals that are affordable to anyone of any class. Examples of affordable meals are; akara balls with pap and sugar, tea with bread, bread with beans, rice with beans, etc.

Stakeholders in the catering industry should make the education available to all that food does not have to be expensive to be a balanced diet, they just have to be rich in nutrients.

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2. More jobs should be created so that unemployment can be reduced

Some people in the country cannot afford a square meal in a day, and when starvation sets into a nation, it begets malnutrition by default.

When a person is gainfully employed, he, in turn, feeds two or three people connected to him. This is where the school feeding program gets it wrong, it is not enough to give the children food at school.

The parents of these children when empowered can do more than just a square meal per day including weekends and holidays.

3. The cost of food items should be made affordable

No matter the level of employment in a nation, when the cost of things exceeds the income of a person, malnutrition is inevitable because the victim will just eat anything just to meet up with his daily bread.

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The government should step in and subsidize the cost of things in the markets thereby purchasing food items affordable.

The ultimate labor of a man on earth is for the sustenance of his mortal body on earth. When a man is handicapped, he cannot in any way provide for himself and this ultimately leads to malnutrition. People at all levels should be empowered and the empowerment process should go down to the grassroots level.

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