Solutions to Nepotism in Nigeria

Solutions to Nepotism in Nigeria will be given in this article. This is to proffer solutions to the…

Solutions to Nepotism in Nigeria will be given in this article. This is to proffer solutions to the problem of favoritism in the country.

Solution to Nepotism 

Solutions to Nepotism in Nigeria
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Nepotism is a strong form of corruption in Nigeria, it is a situation whereby an opportunity to serve or make a profit is given to someone based on a relationship.

Nepotism is seen in corporate organizations, government parastatals, family ties, religious organization, educational institutions, the health sector, and other sectors of the nation that affects the economy.

Most people who are where they are today got there through this process. The sad thing about this favoritism is that it deprives the qualified and favors the unqualified at most times.

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Family members or relatives who hold positions look for open slots and get it for another relative of theirs regardless of whether the person is qualified or not and this sometimes causes an epileptic growth in the organization.

Nepotism does not only happen in organizations, even in public functions where gifts and food are shared, but it is also often realized that some persons stop sharing gifts that are not even enough to go around just to take them home to a family member who was absent. Those who were present are left there just because they do not have a connection.

In the civil service, even before an opening comes, those occupying positions of power would have collected the credentials of those people they know especially their relatives and filled them in the forms.

When the opportunity for the application comes, boom! It’s already filled by someone who sometimes is unqualified. Most times, people are pressured to practice nepotism by so-called relatives.

Should someone try to be honest, a family meeting is called and the person is sanctioned for not allowing another family member to climb up the ladder through his own shoulder?

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Solutions to Nepotism in Nigeria

Here are Solutions to Nepotism in Nigeria:

1. Employments and rewards should not be given because a person is one’s family member it is based on merit and worth

Nigeria strives to become a developed nation, this is impossible when Nepotism is allowed to take the center stage in the decision-making of people.

This should also begin at a higher level to the lowest possible level. Relationships should never influence the choice of appointment and credits.

When an appointment or credit is to be given, there should be a panel set to appoint the best candidate. The person from which the appointment or credit stemmed from his table should be out of the nomination process and should have no influence whatsoever in the whole process so that the nominees or candidates are chosen strictly based on merit and nothing else.

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It is also worth screening the panelist also to ensure that they do not have their own favorites in order not to influence their judgments and this should start at the top.

When there is an opening for hiring, there should be an outlined job description that will cover the qualifications of the applicants.

Anyone who doesn’t meet up with the requirement should not be hired at all no matter the relationship of such a person to the organization.

When this is done, it will curb unnecessary appointments of unqualified personnel who will require long hours of training before they could get the job done.

Most companies have taken the lead in excluding family members from promos and opportunities. This is very effective. Humans will remain humans and the tendency to compromise in favor of a family member will be there, especially when they are on board (this is not a bad trait, however, but it should not influence choices in getting jobs done or giving merits).

Preferably, organizations should be structured in a way that family members are given the strictest chances to join so that when they do, it will be by merit.

Relatives and family members should be told when there is an opportunity that they qualify for, and they should be told at the same time that they will inkily be given the job strictly by merit.

If this statement is made and the party involves sees the seriousness of the statement, the family member will buckle up and not depend on the connection but will do everything morally right to earn the seat or position.

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2. It is also advisable that family members work somewhere else other than the place of work of other family members

A work environment should never be a place where Nepotism should have its grip lest it cripples the whole system. And as a boss, never employ two relatives in your workplace.

Those are the two simple Solutions to Nepotism in Nigeria!

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