Solutions to Armed Robbery in Nigeria

Solutions to Armed Robbery in Nigeria are discussed in this article. Armed robbery is one of the problems…

Solutions to Armed Robbery in Nigeria are discussed in this article. Armed robbery is one of the problems the citizens of Nigeria face on daily basis.

How to prevent a robbery at home

Solutions to Armed Robbery in Nigeria
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It is very shameful that a country with well-trained members of the armed force is still under the threat of common armed robbery.

In Nigeria, after trying everything and failing, a non-resilient person will suddenly decide to opt for robbery. He enters the houses of people, especially at night, and threatens them at gunpoint, rape, maim, and sometimes kills them just to carry out his operation.

This is becoming a trend which if not properly handled, Nigeria might lose the little respect left in the eyes of the international communities.

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Before now, the criminals just raided homes for money and other valuables, today, they go as far as raping the ladies in the house who sometimes get pregnant with bastards in their wombs.

Of course, how do you explain to a child that his father was a thief who raped you years back? The child will only grow with spite for his father.

Just recently, a compound was invaded by an armed group and all ladies were raped after serious torture by a gang of seven criminals.

Each one of them took turns raping each of the three ladies in the room. This is getting so alarming and it lies on not just the shoulders of the government but also all individuals to stop this menace.

When there are no structures in place to tackle criminal activities, more people will keep seeing robbing as a source of occupation.

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Solutions to Armed robbery in Nigeria

1. Government should stop pampering criminals

It is worth noting that the moment a person has the guts to disturb the peace of another person at night or any time of the day over the resources that belong not to him, such a person is not a human with a conscience and strict punishment should be meted out to such a person.

Criminals especially armed robbers should not be allowed to serve jail terms rather, more strict and inhumane punishment should be given to them.

This will scare those who have the intention of joining away from the deadly profession People should also not make robbers come to them by flaunting their wealth.

Yes, we know you’re wealthy, enjoy your wealth without leading people to the temptation of robbing you. This however is not intended to bring fear or stop people from enjoying their wealth, it is aimed at letting people live life with wisdom.

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2. If you see something, say something

You must have heard this before. Armed runners are not spirits, they are human beings. Report any person with a suspicious profession and lifestyle to the authorities.

If an armed robber is living near you, the government will never know unless you call their attention to it. The government should also help protect the whistle-blowers who give useful information to the agency.

3. Parents should monitor the friends their children keep

The community begins with the family. A thief will start at home. All mothers with very few exceptions who have children who have become robbers are quite aware but decide to cover them up.

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Parents should do their best to train their children in the right way that they should go and should the child decide to choose the path of robbery, parents should not fail to alert relevant agencies before the child gets out of hands. A well-known thief will usually start by stealing something as meager as a pencil.

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