Risks Factors of Abortion

Risks Factors of Abortion bring to your knowledge the dangers of abortion and the need to avoid committing…

Risks Factors of Abortion bring to your knowledge the dangers of abortion and the need to avoid committing abortion as much as you can.

Side Effects and Risks of Abortion

Risks and Complications of Abortion

The Dangers of Abortion
The Dangers of Abortion – Photo Source: http://www.pridemagazineng.com

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As sexual activities become rapid in marriage and out of marriage, unwanted pregnancies have rapidly increased. In order to either save themselves some shame or not to disappoint someone who looks up to them, teeming individuals have sought out a way to escape unwanted pregnancy.

Abortion, therefore, seems to be their route of escape. This most times is the easiest way many young people choose in order to save themselves from the options of isolation or ridicule by peer groups.

Abortion is the forceful termination of a pregnancy, or scientifically, it can be defined as the deliberate expulsion of an embryo or fetus from the uterus.

In a bid to terminate a pregnancy, one must understand that the risk involved in abortion is more than the pleasure one gets from saving one face from peer group ridicule or societal rejection.

If one really understands the health risks involved in committing abortion, the number of terminated embryos or fetuses would drastically be reduced.

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Most abortion complications are never made known to the public because abortion has a built-in cover-up. Hence, people deny it, forget it, and do not talk about it, especially the doctors who make a huge sum of money from the treacherous act.

Some of the health risks associated with abortion that your doctor might not tell you will be outlined and explained in this article.

The Following are The Dangers of Abortion:

1. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

This is an infection that leads to fever and infertility. It is a common and serious complication of induced abortion and has been reported in up to 30% of all abortion cases like post-labor pelvic inflammatory disease, secondary infertility, chronic pelvic pain, and dyspareunia”.

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2. Ectopic Pregnancy is one of the dangers of abortion

This is a complication of pregnancy sometimes caused by abortion in which the embryo attaches outside the uterus. The mother and doctor think that the embryo had been flushed only to realize that it had only been pushed to develop outside the uterus.

3. Cervical Laceration

During abortion procedures, there may be tears in the cervix. It may even be a very little tear which most of the time may be overlooked by the doctor carrying out the abortion. This might result in subsequent ineptitude of the cervix, premature delivery, and labor complication.

4. Uterine Perforation

This is a condition resulting from the accidental piercing of the full thickness of the uterine wall, usually by one of the instruments used while carrying out the abortion. This often causes internal bleeding which ultimately leads to hemorrhage or sepsis.

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5. Cancer

The possibility of a woman developing breast cancer doubles immediately after she had undergone an abortion. The possibility rises as she does a second or more abortion.

In the same way, a woman who has had one abortion is more likely to develop cervical cancer compared to women who have not had an abortion. They are also more likely to develop ovary and liver cancer.

6. Death is one of the dangers of abortion

Irrespective of the various abortion methods people subscribe to, none of these methods really guarantee a safe and secure abortion process.

From the record, based on studying the result of death resulting from pregnancy, women who abort are approximately four times more likely to die in the process.

The death of a potential mother who wants to terminate the life of her baby could have resulted from many factors which include but are not limited to unsterilized equipment, poor expertise, panic, shock, and any other thing that human imperfection may bring about.

Before attempting to terminate a human you are not willing to give a chance to live, consider the risks involved and compare them with the gains of giving the child an opportunity to live because sincerely, the risks involved are too numerous and very risky.

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And even if abortions were safer for the mother, it would still remain catastrophic for the innocent child and the mother’s personality, because abortion does not only kill the innocent human being in the womb; it destroys and reduces the longevity and productivity of the mother and her life.

Howbeit, rather than considering abortion after sex, I strongly recommend that parents who would not want to have children at a particular time should go for adequate family planning and stick to the plans while young people who are not legally married should either use condoms, withdraw method or avoid sex because sex is worth waiting for.

We hope this was helpful!

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