Genital Warts Causes – Symptoms and Treatments

Genital Warts Causes – Symptoms and Treatments will be discussed here. This will guide you to properly treat…

Genital Warts Causes – Symptoms and Treatments will be discussed here. This will guide you to properly treat Genital Warts.

Genital Warts Healing Process

Genital Warts: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
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Condyloma Acuminatum commonly called genital warts are small bumps on the genitals often caused by sexually transmitted infections through a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV).

There are several kinds of HPV, and the one responsible for anal or cervical cancer is very different from the one that causes genital warts.

Though they cause some kind of discomfort in the genitals, they are usually not dangerous and they can be treated. The parts of the body prone to genital warts include; the penis, vagina, anus, and thighs.

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Genital warts Causes

Genital warts are often transmitted through sharing sex tools and toys or unprotected sexual relations with an already infected person when having anal, oral or vaginal sex.

Genital warts do not only spread when a person reaches the point of orgasm. It spreads immediately if there is a sexual encounter or close contact of sexual organs with an already infected person.

The best and most effective way to prevent Genital warts is by the use of a condom when having vaginal or anal sex and making use of dental dams when having oral sex with a person whose STD status you’re not sure of.

Genital warts vary from other warts that affect the entire body, you should not be scared to touch, kiss, bathe with, play with, eat with or sleep near someone who has warts on his legs or hands for fear of contracting Genital warts. (Although in some rare cases, warts are often passed from one person to another by a mere touch of hands).

It is only in rare cases that infected mothers transfer genital warts to their children at the point of delivery. Genital warts are easily treated but are very contagious.

In order not to pass it on from one person to another, it is very important to get oneself treated once there is a symptom of the infection.

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Genital warts Symptoms

Here are some of the common symptoms are:

  1. Fleshy growth often is painless. Sometimes, it may be one or more.
  2. Incessant itching around the genitals and on rare occasions, bleeding may follow.

Unfortunately, a person who has been infected with genital warts stands a greater chance of getting infected with HIV.

As it stands, there is currently no cure for the HPVs responsible for the growth of Genital warts but warts themselves can be eliminated or treated.

Genital warts Treatments

And for the treatment of warts, if your immune system is strong and healthy, the body usually fights off the virus by itself without the help of any vaccine or foreign treatment.

But for warts, the type of treatment to be administered depends on where the warts are located and the type of warts there are and there are two major types of treatments for genital warts. You can treat it in one of the following ways.

  1. Warts can be treated by the application of cream or lotion to the affected area. There are also some chemicals for treating warts.
  2. Destroying the effects of warts or even warts themselves by heating, freezing, or removing them.

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Before any treatment is administered for warts infection, it is best advised to consult a medical professional in order to know the treatment that is best for you.

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