How to Choose the Best Refrigerator

How to Choose the Best Refrigerator is discussed in this article and we hope you find it informative and beneficial for your research.

How to Choose a Good Fridge

How to Choose a Good Refrigerator
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Food spoilage can be prevented by storing foodstuff under cold conditions. This is because the microorganisms which cause food spoilage are generally not active under very cold conditions.

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The process of making food cold and keeping it cold is called refrigeration. So a refrigerator is any facility or appliance which removes heat from things and keeps them cold.

Let’s look at the uses of every good refrigerator.

The refrigerator is used for food preservation in order to prevent food spoilage and wastage. The refrigerator simplifies the work of homemaking by reducing the number of times a homemaker goes to the market.

One can buy perishable foods and store them in the refrigerator to simply cook at a more convenient time and store them in the refrigerator for later use.

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Refrigerators are also useful for food preservation example in the chilling of fruit and other drinks. There are different models, sizes, and colors of a refrigerator but there however work on similar principles.

How to Choose a Good Refrigerator

A good refrigerator is equipped with a compressor and a condenser. It has a coiled pipe called an evaporator that surrounds the freezer apartment and the back of the refrigerator.

A good refrigerator must have a special gas known as refrigerant which is compressed in the compressor and passes into the condenser where it loses its heat.

The refrigerant then condenses and is passed to the evaporators where it is under low pressure and then evaporates.

As it evaporates, it draws heat from the things stored in the refrigerator, leaving the inside of the refrigerator and its contents cold, just as the drying of sweat from the skin leaves our bodies cool.

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As soon as the evaporation occurs, the compressor draws away from the vapor, compresses it again, and passes it to the condenser, and the cycle continues. The refrigerant is in constant circulation except when the electricity is off.

Most times temperatures differ in the different parts of the refrigerator. The freezer apartment is ice cold, the topmost shelf is the coldest while the lowest part mainly used for vegetable crisper is not really cold. This is because of the varying temperature that different types of food have and can be stored in the refrigerator.

A good refrigerator should meet the needs of the family. Even before a refrigerator is purchased,  the available space should be considered. Also, the cost of the refrigerator should be put under consideration, especially the cost of maintenance.

A good refrigerator should fit tightly to maintain coolness. Most refrigerators do not have durable shelves. Any good refrigerator should have not just durable shelves but shelf supports that will enable it to hold things effectively.

One distinguishing feature of a good refrigerator is that has glasses or a plastic shelf over the crisper drawer to prevent vegetables from drying up. It should have a light bulb that will be automatically switched on when the refrigerator is on or opened.

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Conclusively, it is important to note the refrigerator should be placed on a level surface in such a place that air circulation can take place since air carries heat. It should be placed away from the cooker or any heating equipment.

The refrigerator should not be overcrowded with foodstuffs and if anything spills in the refrigerator, it should be wiped out immediately.

We hope this article guides you on how to Choose a Good Refrigerator!
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