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Symptoms and Risk Factors of Stomach ulcer

Stomach Ulcer Symptoms and Risk Factors
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When one experiences painful sores in the stomach lining or small intestine, it is known as ulcers. This is the most visible sign of peptic ulcer disease in the human body.

Stomach ulcer occurs when the thick layer of mucus that protects the stomach from digestive juices is reduced, it causes the digestive aches to eat away at the lining tissues of the stomach.

Stomach ulcer is a very painful and very common thing that causes stomach distress. This popular stomach  ulcer also known as peptic ulcer affects both men, women and children.

This cause of such a state is an open sore that has  busted inside the stomach lining. It is also referred to as ulcus pepticum by some medical personnel, peptic ulcer disease, and popularly known as Stomach ulcers.

In times past, ulcers was considered and a very dangerous diseases only caused by food. This misinformation increased the risk factor of persons surrounding from ulcer especially at a tender stage of life.

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Some misinformation from people about ulcer was that it was caused by the excessive intake of spicy foods and in most cases, it was attributed to tireless.

Medical personnel have developed that peptic ulcer is caused by bacterium as against many misinformation.

The bacterium is normally found within the mucous layer which lines and protects not only the stomach but the small Intestine as well.

This process is repetitive in the and goes through this course without disruption. Hence once the process is disrupted, the mucous layer and the lining of the stomach or duodenum to become inflamed, causing the stomach to be throw into confusion or disorder by developing ulcer.

The symptoms of Stomach ulcer include the following:

Burning Sensation

This is one of the most mutual symptom of stomach ulcer. Burning sensation is a pain that occurs between the chest region and the belly.

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Most times this pain becomes extremely immoderate for the person to bear especially if he or she is much teenager or at the middle age of fifties and above. Burning sensation in the chest also causes heart burn which is very common among people.

Other symptoms of stomach ulcer include a pain in the stomach for about ten to thirty minutes or even for an hour depending on the complication of the person.

Weight loss

Stomach ulcer causes excessive weight loss. This is because persons that have Stomach ulcer do not have habit to eat and in most occasion, they could have no habit even to eat for a day.

Most people even have to take drugs to be able to eat and this pain can be improve when the person takes any solid food or liquid substance.

In other to avoid the risk factors of stomach ulcer, certain things mist be abstain from smoking. Smoking has a high relationship with stomach ulcer.

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Smoking upsets the stomach and research shows that smokers have a high rate of developing stomach ulcer. Drink clean water

Conclusively, research shows that about an average person has the risk factor of developing stomach ulcer as such one should stay away from nonsteroidal antI-inflammatory drugs which contain aspirin and Ibuprofen and avoid taking alcohol especially in an empty stomach.

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