How to Become a Tour Manager in Nigeria

How to Become a Tour Manager in Nigeria will guide you on what to do to become a…

How to Become a Tour Manager in Nigeria will guide you on what to do to become a tour manager. We hope you find the article beneficial.

How to Become a Tour Manager

How to Become a Tour Manager in Nigeria
How to Become a Tour Manager in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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Tour management is a very lucrative business in Nigeria, one that you can key into. Being a tour manager is not the same thing as being a tour guide, it involves more than that.

As a tour manager, you will be in charge of planning and arranging travels and tours for individual tourists and tourist groups. Becoming a tour manager in Nigeria is not very difficult. In this article, we will show you how.

Here are Guides on How to Become a Tour Manager in Nigeria:

First, you need to get the necessary skills and certification. You cannot just wake up and become a tour guide; you must be trained in it.

You should enroll in a course in tourism and hospitality and obtain a certificate that will make you an authority in the field.

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While undergoing the training, you will be taught the management and financial skills you need for the job. You will be also equipped with the right communication skills for tourism management.

Besides the classroom training, you need to engage in personal study and read a lot about the tourism and hospitality industry.

You have to identify and know about tourist sites in Nigeria. If you are going to coordinate visitations to tourist centers, you need to know where these places are located.

The states in Nigeria that have abundant tourist sites include but are not limited to Lagos, Cross River, Plateau, etc. Even if you have never visited the sites, have a fair knowledge of their locations and the environmental conditions around them.

After equipping yourself with all this knowledge, you need to create your own tour management outfit. It is with this tour company that you will use to launch out and execute your dreams.

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Give your company a good name and make it accessible. Create profiles on the internet and on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. advertise your services on as many platforms as you can afford.

Another thing that can fast-track your success as a tour manager in Nigeria is your membership in tourism and hospitality-based unions.

Making affiliations with such professional bodies will give your company a positive image and confirms you as an authority in that sector.

Professional bodies that you can join include the Hospitality and Tourism Management Association of Nigeria (HATMAN) as well as the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM).

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Furthermore, you need to form an alliance with the management of tourist destinations, other hospitality outfits like hotels and restaurants, local tour guides, etc. you can create connections with them online or offline.

The connections you establish with this category can fetch you good recommendations and serve as a free means of advertisement.

You also need to build a portfolio. In this era of the internet and instant access to information, you need to build an online portfolio about your tourism business in Nigeria.

In your portfolio, you can get previous clients to write reviews about your company; display pictures and videos of tour sites or centers in Nigeria which you have visited.

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With these and a combination of good business skills, you can become a successful tour manager in Nigeria.

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