Disadvantages of UnderPopulation

Disadvantages of UnderPopulation are listed and explicated in this article and we hope you find it informative and helpful to your research.

Disadvantages of UnderPopulation

Disadvantages of UnderPopulation
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Under-population, just like any other term or condition has its own unique disadvantages and in this article, we will be throwing more light on them.

Although it has some advantages that one may cherish, it equally has a lot of disadvantages too. You should feel free to take a peek at some of the advantages of Underpopulation in our previous article topics.

Below are the Disadvantages of UnderPopulation:

1. Underpopulation fosters an Inadequate labor force

When there is a low population in an area, it ultimately affects that workforce in that particular area, causing a situation in which the available labor force is grossly inadequate to manage the abundant resources available in the country, region, or state.

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2. Low level of production

Because there is no workforce to foster division of labor, the production level becomes very low and it affects the GDP of the nation because there may not be enough to cater for the needs of the country or region talk less of considering exportation.

3. Low savings and investments

When companies are unable to produce more products in order to cater for the needs of the members of the community where they are stationed or enough for exportation, it usually results in the inability to pay their workers well and as such, workers, in turn, cannot save much as they little they make will strictly be used to meet their needs.

Also, foreign investors will not equally want to invest in a place where the population is low because they will definitely get a low return on investment.

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4. Low standard of living

Because of the inadequacy of the labor force which would have promoted output, the standard of living will eventually fall in countries where there is underpopulation.

5. Under-utilisation of infrastructure

Owning to the fact that people are scarce, the basic infrastructure of these places is grossly underutilized, some of these include pipe-borne water, electricity, health care, security, etc.

6. Disincentive to government

No matter how urgent the need is, the government usually does not invest in places where there is under-population because it might seem to them like a waste of resources since there is no one to fully utilize these investments.

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7. Small size of the market

Under-population grossly affects production level because it firsts affects the market size. The level to which goods and services are needed in an under-developed area is quite less and as such, companies will not thrive in production basically because of the size of the market.

8. Low level of export

Just like you cannot give what you don’t have, no nation or company can export products when it has not first fed itself with the basic and necessary supplies out of its own produce.

Under-population reduces the workforce, reduces the market size, and hinders the exportation of goods and services in all ramifications.

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Under-population generally hinders growth and development this is why we should do our possible best to stop the death rate and increase our birth rate while drastically reducing the emigration rate in our countries

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