Hypersexual Disorder Symptoms

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Symptoms of compulsive sexual

Hypersexual Disorder Symptoms

Symptoms of Compulsive Sexual Behaviours
Symptoms of Compulsive Sexual Behaviours – Photo Source: https://www.popularmechanics.co.za

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Compulsive sexual behavior has to do with a lot of sexual experiences which are commonly enjoyable by a person or group of persons.

When we talk about compulsive sexual behaviors, we refer to sexual behaviors such as cybersex, pornography, prostitution, having multiple sexual partners, masturbation, etc.

At a time when a major part of your thought is centered around these sexual behaviours, you are always waiting for the next time to experience them, you are becoming totally dependent on them, you tend to become very difficult to be tamed, you should realize that these sexual behaviours are becoming very compulsive.

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Although these sexual behaviours may have different names, as long as they are untreated or unattended to, they will usually become a threat to your wellbeing because they possess the capacity to destroy your education, finances, marriage, relationship, career, and even your own self-esteem as well as other people.

The Good news is that when sexual behaviours are properly managed with the right dose of information, you can set yourself free by adequately managing these behaviours.

Symptoms of compulsive sexual behaviours

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If you experience the following symptoms, the chances are that you may likely have compulsive sexual behaviour.

  1. Persistent, fervent, and consistent sexual feelings and behaviours end up taking a lot of your time, and sometimes, they look as though they are quite uncontrollable.
  2. You are constantly pushed to engage in certain sexual behaviours and usually feel a push of the tension after the whole act which is usually accompanied by a sense of remorse or guilt.
  3. You seem powerless when it comes to controlling your urge for sexual activities or behaviours.
  4. In order to set your mind off some of the worries of life, you usually turn to sexual behaviours, some of these problems may include; stress, depression, anxiety, or even loneliness.
  5. Even though you realize that these behaviours have detrimental consequences, you still find yourself indulging in them and especially even when you know that the behaviours hurt you or your family members or even getting someone infected with a sexually transmitted disease or any other challenges.
  6. You are unable to start and keep a serious relationship that is healthy and stable because of your urge for sexual activities.

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Complications of Compulsive Sexual Behaviours

Although sexual intercourse was made for fun and procreation, when a person gets engaged in it excessively, he tends to gather up some negative situations because anything, no matter how good, when done in excess or the wrong way usually becomes very bad. A person who engages in compulsive sexual behaviours may:

  1. Have an internal battle with the feelings of guilt or in other cases, low self-esteem and shame.
  2. Become a victim of very serious conditions affecting mental health which include depression, suicide, anxiety, and severe distress arising from breakup or distrust.
  3. Constantly lying to his or her partner or family as a result of the fact that he or she is not proud of the act he or she is involved in and this will usually lead to the loss of meaningful relationships.
  4. Lost his or her job or prematurely end his or her career because the focus is usually divided and this leads to laxity in job delivery.
  5. Get into huge debts trying to accumulate sect toys or pay off prostitutes.
  6. Get infected with one or more of the deadly sexually transmitted diseases available in the world today because of his or her numerous sexual activities and after contracting it, he usually passes it on to others
  7. Get involved with the use of hard drugs high ultimately affects his or her health and when luck runs out of him, he may be arrested by the authorities for sexual offenses.
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