7 Importance of Communication in Nigeria

7 Importance of communication in Nigeria is listed and explicated in this article and we hope you find it informative and helpful for your research.

Importance of Communication in Nigeria

Importance of Communication in Nigeria
Importance of Communication in Nigeria – Photo Source: https://corporatefinanceinstitute.com

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Communication is simply passing information from one person to the other. Why should any nation and Nigeria, in particular, bother with creating an environment where communication companies and agencies can thrive? Is it that important? This article will answer these questions and many more.

Importance of communication in Nigeria

The importance of communication in Nigeria cuts across every sector.

Below is a highlight of the Importance of communication in Nigeria:

1. Easy spread of information

Information, as they say, is power. To be uninformed in some situations makes a person prone to danger. Communication helps to spread information through radio sets, television, print and n0n-print magazines, e-zines, and newspapers.

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2. Facilitates business growth

Many businesses, if not all have a customer care center and hotlines attached to all their branches where customers can lay complaints and get duly redressed as the situation may demand.

Apart from this, some businesses do all their activities online. This is what is known as e-commerce.

The customers and patronizers of these businesses need the internet to connect with the business owners and vice versa.

3. Entertainment

Communication channels like television, radio and even the internet do not only inform us or bring us news around the world to keep us updated on happenings, it also entertains us with music, movies, reality shows, talk shows, and many other fun activities to keep us engaged in our leisure time and spice up our holiday periods.

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4. Education

With the advancement in technology and communication, teachers and students alike, are now able to get more teaching and learning aids from the internet.

Video clips, animations, images, and diagrams can now be downloaded to make learning more fun. More and more people are also taking online courses and getting certifications to enrich their resumes and increase their chances of getting better jobs.

5. marketing and advertising avenues

Have increased with the advancement in communication. People can now have Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter handles for their businesses and get more customers to patronize them.

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Display ads and other pop-up ads are used to target people who need the various services businesses offer and this is good news for new businesses and old businesses who have the technical know-how to update and catch up with the speed of the digital age.

6. Job creation

Communication companies and agencies have succeeded in hiring many people over the years. Some people sell recharge cards and internet subscriptions for a living or as a means of extra income.

Customer care agents, engineers, mobile phone dealers, and repairers, marketers, and a host of others are dutifully employed today because of communication companies and their subsidiaries in Nigeria.

7. Revenue for the government

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Taxes are paid by communication companies and agencies yearly and this increases the government revenue and consequently the money available to take projects like road construction, building, and renovation of educational facilities and other amenities essential for the public good.

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