What Causes Hypersexuality

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Causes of Compulsive Sexual Behaviours

Causes of Compulsive Sexual Behaviours
Causes of Compulsive Sexual Behaviours – Photo Source: https://www.depressionalliance.org

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To many persons, there could be a very different cause of compulsive sexual behaviors and depending on the person or nature.

Causes of Compulsive Sexual Behaviours

1. Natural brain chemical Imbalance

In the brain of a person, there are some chemicals called neurotransmitters that help to regulate your mood.

Some of these neurotransmitters include; serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. When these chemicals are at their high levels, it may, in turn, lead to compulsive sexual behavior.

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2. Brain pathways changes

Sometimes, compulsive sexual behaviors may be a result of an addiction which over time may cause the neural circuits of the brain to change especially in the center of reinforcement of the brain and just like other deadly addictions, in order for the body to be satisfied, a more intense sexual stimulation and content is typically required over-time in order to gain relief.

3. Brain Damage

Some persons have injuries in their brain, part or all of their brain may sometimes be damaged like in cases of epilepsy and dementia, these negative health conditions sometimes spark up unnecessary sexual behaviors because of the release of excessive neurotransmitters and in addition, treatment of some diseases with some dopamine against medications may likely cause or provoke compulsive sexual behaviors.

Factors that may increase the risk of Compulsive Sexual Behaviour:

Compulsive sexual behaviors are not gender-specific; it is not limited to any gender, it affects men as well as women, even though it may be more frequent in men.

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However, It can also affect anyone, regardless of his or her sexual orientation. Factors that may increase the risk of compulsive sexual behavior also includes:

1. Availability of sexual content

With the advent of technology where everyone and anyone can get any kind of information just by punching some keywords into a search engine, sexual content has been made available to even those who have compulsive sexual behaviors exactly when they need it.

2. Privacy

As long as a person has been diagnosed to have compulsive sexual behaviors, privacy worsens it up, this behavior is usually carried out in privacy, and denying one of that privacy will lessen up the stress and temptation.

3. Alcohol and drug use

Over time, alcohol has been linked to sexual abuse because when a person is under the control of the illicit substance, he doesn’t think twice before forcing himself on a lady or carrying out other forms of sexual perversions.

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4. Family conflicts often involving a family member with problems such as addiction.

5. A history of physical or sexual abuse of the victim.

Prevention of Compulsive Sexual Behaviours

Because of the ambiguity of the causes of compulsive sexual behavior, it is unclear about how the compulsive sexual behaviors might be prevented, but we have scripted out a few things that may be beneficial in keeping this type of behavior in check:

1. Seek Help Early

When a person notices a sexual behavior that is not normal in his attitude, he or she should seek help immediately. This may be a difficult thing to do as shame often becloud reasons but it is the best to do. Seeking and getting help on time will help prevent the situation from getting worse and eventually spinning into a more devastating situation.

2. Treat Mental disorders early

Anything which affects the brain should be treated with speed, nothing should be left behind because when the brain malfunctions, there will naturally be disorders in the system and may lead to compulsive sexual behavior.

3. Avoid drug abuse and alcohol

Because these two terms are interrelated with sexual behaviors, those who are infected with compulsive sexual behaviors should try as much as possible to abstain from them.

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4. Avoid risky people and places

Deliberately walk out or stay away from people or places that will suggest unhealthy sexual relations with you. Take charge of yourself in every way possible.

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