7 Negative Effects of Alcohol

7 Negative Effects of Alcohol are listed and explicated in this article to guide those who take it.…

7 Negative Effects of Alcohol are listed and explicated in this article to guide those who take it. Indulging in alcohol is harmful to health.

Health effects of alcohol abuse

Alcohol health risks

Effects of alcohol on the body

7 Negative Effects of Alcohol
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The rate at which alcohol is consumed in Nigeria and the world at large is alarming. Every day, individuals spend their hard-earned money at drinking bars, consuming several bottles of alcoholic drinks, and sometimes leave the joint drunk and unable to get hold of themselves.

Being drunk is just one of the very many effects of consuming alcohol as there are so many other short and long-term effects of alcohol consumption.

Just like it is written on the packet of cigarettes that ‘smokers are liable to die young, the same can be said of consumers of alcoholic substances.

In this article, when alcohol is mentioned, it is referred to as an illicit substance taken into the body that can temporarily or permanently intoxicate a person and deprive him or her of the capacity to creatively and constructively think through a situation.

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7 Negative Effects of Alcohol

There are a lot of Negative Effects of Alcohol and some of them include the:

1. Poor Libido

Against the popular belief that ‘if you want to enjoy sex, take in more alcohol, those who drink heavily are prone to erection problems.

They are sometimes unable to perform well in bed with their spouse because of the effects of alcohol on their overall health and sexual life.

2. Addiction

The worst that can befall a person is to be addicted to things and substances that are not healthy for him or her.

Taking in alcohol leads to serious dependence on it, usually, a person who has become addicted to alcohol is more likely to devote his or her life and spare time to the consumption of alcohol and usually does not stop till he or she becomes intoxicated.

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3. Domestic Violence

Men who beat their wives are more likely those who are under the influence of alcohol. These men go out early at dusk and drink till late at night, come back, and under the influence of what they have taken into their bodies, they beat up their wives and make a mockery of their integrity and morality.

4. Brain Damage

Excessive use of alcohol has been associated with several brain damages which include memory loss. When a person drinks heavily, the brain is deprived of the right composition necessary for the adequate storage of relevant information for a long period.

He sometimes can store things temporarily and easily forgets them. However, not all memory loss is associated with alcohol consumption.

5. Low Sperm Count

A man who takes in alcohol excessively is more likely to have a low sperm count; a condition in which the number of sperm cells presents in the semen is not enough to impregnate his spouse.

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6. Undue Tiredness

A person who drinks too much alcohol gets tired easily, he usually does not last for a very long time at the place of work, he does very little and rests more.

7. Central Nervous System Malfunction

When a person takes in too much alcohol, the central nervous system of that person automatically malfunctions, living the person a few moments from death.

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