Best Toothpaste Companies in Nigeria

Best Toothpaste companies in Nigeria are listed and explained one after the other in this article. You will find it informative.

Best Toothpastes in Nigeria

Best Toothpaste Companies in Nigeria
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Every day when we wake up, we are all faced with the need to brush our teeth as a part of personal hygiene. This is done in order to keep the teeth clean and sparkling while the tongue gets a nice scent.

In order for brushing of teeth to be effective, we need to make use of good toothpaste without which we may not be able to achieve the aim of brushing our teeth well and having a fresh breath. Thus, in this article, we will look at some of the best kinds of toothpaste companies and brands in Nigeria.

1. Sensodyne Toothpaste

This is a unique brand from the company called GlaxoSmithKline. This toothpaste is recognized by the Nigeria Dental Association (NDA) as not just toothpaste but a teeth treatment because it is best for those who love taking sweets, cakes, cold drinks, ice cream, and all other sugary products. Sensodyne comes in various brands but they all still retain the hallmark of excellence in the care of the teeth.

2. Oral B Toothpaste

When you talk of kinds of toothpaste in Nigeria, oral B usually tops the list because of the unique qualities of the paste.

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Oral B is a product of Procter and Gamble (P&G), unlike some of the available pastes in Nigeria, Oral B contains fluoride as well as other ingredients that help to give the teeth and mouth good oral health through fresh breath and clean sparkling white teeth.

3. Colgate Toothpaste

This toothpaste helps a lot in the fight against plaques and it is formulated to keep the mouth fresh for a very long period of time. Colgate, among its various ingredients, contains calcium which helps to keep the teeth strong and healthy.

The paste comes in different forms such as Colgate herbal, Colgate Fluoride, Colgate baby toothpaste, Colgate MaxFresh, etc.

 4. Macleans Toothpaste:

Talk of toothpaste in Nigeria, the name that comes to everyone’s mind first is Maclean. This is because they have been around for so long a time and despite the change in the economy, the company has not stopped or shifted in the quality they offer through this product.  Macleans is also a product of GlaxoSmithKline and it is the first paste produced by the company.

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5. My My toothpaste

Produced and Manufactured by Daraju Industries Nigeria Limited, My My toothpaste is one of the best brands of toothpaste in Nigeria that has helped to salvage the problems of bad breath and other related dental problems. Just like other brands, My My comes in different forms such as Red gel, Herbal gel, Icy cool, Blue Gel, etc. This toothpaste is quite popular and less expensive.

6. Close-up Toothpaste

Apart from Macleans which is a household name, close-up has been in business for quite a long time and has not disappointed its customers in terms of quality.

Close up is a product of Unilever Nigeria PLC. Amongst the very many things that closeup does, it helps to prevent any kind of irritation on the gum.

7. Longrich Toothpaste

This is a product of the Longrich company, the paste treats and cures all kinds of gum and dental infections, and the herbal quality of the product makes it second to none.

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8. Aqua Fresh Toothpaste

This is yet another of Glaxosmithkline’s paste that has made this list. Although the product is relatively new, it is fast becoming a household paste because of the awesome qualities that it has. AquaFresh has so many forms such as AquaFresh Cavity, Multi-action, etc.

We have succeeded in bringing to the spotlight some of the very best kinds of toothpaste in Nigeria. You have the liberty of making your choice based on this article.

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