Apollo Eye Disease Symptoms – Causes and Treatments

Apollo Eye Disease Symptoms – Causes and Treatments will be discussed in this article. The information here will guide…

Apollo Eye Disease Symptoms – Causes and Treatments will be discussed in this article. The information here will guide you in caring for your eyes.

Can Apollo cause blindness

Apollo: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
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Conjunctivitis, commonly called ‘Apollo’ in Nigeria and ‘red eye in other parts of the world is a condition in which the conjunctiva (the clear mucous membrane that lines the inner surface of the eyelid and the exposed surface of the eyeball) becomes unusually reddened and inflamed.

When a person has conjunctivitis, the person is prone to have the following symptoms which include:

1. Redness of the eye

The eyes become so red like one who is engaged in excess intake of hard drugs or someone who has not slept well.

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2. Itching of the eye

The eyeballs begin ns to itch.

3. Wet eyes

The discharge of tears becomes excessive. Discharge of whitish, milky, green, or sometimes creamy pus or mucous from the eye.

This discharge often results from the fact that there are so many cells and glands that produces mucus and tears respectively. When the swelling begins, the cells and glands produce more mucus and tears than necessary.

Apollo Causes

Conjunctivitis begins only when a person’s conjunctiva is inflamed as a result of the following:

  1. Infections caused by bacteria or viruses are also known as infective conjunctivitis coined from the words ‘infectious’.
  2. When the conjunctiva meets a situation or particle that it is allergic to, the conjunctiva will become inflamed this is also called allergic conjunctivitis.
  3. When the eyes cokes in contact with things or particles that can irritate them, either by losing an eyelash as a result of excessive rubbing, it becomes inflamed also. This is called ‘irritant conjunctivitis’

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Apollo Other Symptoms

Conjunctivitis often begins with one eye before it affects both eyes a couple of hours later. There are times when a person may have these symptoms but is not infected with conjunctivitis instead, he requires more serious medical attention.

It is advised that a person gets diagnosed by an ophthalmologist if the symptoms listed above get worse or if the person feels any of the following.

  1. If the person’s eyes begin to be sensitive to light.
  2. The person begins to have disturbed vision.
  3. The redness in the eye increases in opacity.
  4. The eye’s itching becomes accompanied by severe or mild pains.

Conjunctivitis is usually spread by contact with a person who is already infected. Often by looking at an infected person for too long a time, Apollo tends to be transferred.

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The following people are more prone to getting infected with conjunctivitis:

1. Children

These little ones meet and communicate with other children at school and their immune system is sometimes not strong enough to combat the intrusion of conjunctivitis.

2. Any other person with a weak immune system such as diabetic patients, the elderly or aged persons, those who have recently had a cold, etc.

Apollo Treatments

Apollo is mostly treated in Nigeria with the use of antibiotic eye drops. But mostly, left on its own, Apollo stops after a while.

The logic especially if the Apollo was caused by something that was irritating to the eyes, the truth is that if the irritating substance is taken out of the eyes, the Apollo mostly stops automatically.

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But during the period when a person has conjunctivitis, pillows and every other thing that has direct contact with the eyes should be avoided in order to stop the spread.

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