15 Benefits of Physical Exercise

Exercise and Benefits of Doing Exercise
15 Benefits of Physical Exercise will point you to the rudiments of exercise and its benefits in order…

15 Benefits of Physical Exercise will point you to the rudiments of exercise and its benefits in order to motivate your interest in it.

Health benefits of physical exercise

15 Benefits of Physical Exercise
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15 Benefits of Physical Exercise:

  1. Doing Exercise Reduces Pains
  2. Exercise makes one feel better
  3. Doing Exercise Improves Skin Health
  4. Exercise helps in weight loss
  5. Doing Exercise Promotes a Better Sex Life
  6. Exercise Increases Energy Levels
  7. Doing Exercise is very Good for Muscles and Bones
  8. Doing Exercise Helps Brain Health and Memory
  9.  Exercise Reduces the Risk of Chronic Disease
  10. Doing Exercise Helps with Relaxation and Sleep Quality
  11. Exercise Helps in Immune Functioning
  12. Doing Exercise Helps Improve Breathing
  13. Doing Exercise Reduces the risk of arthritis
  14. Exercise Boosts Memory
  15. Exercise Builds Intelligence

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Exercise according to Merriam Webster means bodily exertion for the sake of developing and maintaining physical fitness.

Exercise is considered inevitable because it strengthens and improves blood circulation and therefore raises the body’s oxygen level.  This, in turn, helps in lowering the risk of heart diseases such as heart attack, coronary artery disease, and high cholesterol.

Research and experience have proven that exercise also helps in lowering triglyceride levels and blood pressure.

There are considerably three basic principles to adhere to in other to achieve a result-oriented exercise.

These include:

  1. Specificity
  2. Overload
  3. Progression

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Types of Exercise

There are three major types of exercise:

  1. Aerobic
  2. Anaerobic
  3. Flexibility

Aerobic exercise, sometimes known as cardio exercise is a kind that requires the pumping of oxygenated blood in order to deliver oxygen to the muscles.

It causes the heart rate and breathing rate to stimulate thereby increasing and sustaining the exercise session.

Apart from physical fitness, aerobic kind of exercise also helps in emotional health. It can also help reduce or prevent the chance of developing cancer, depression, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease.

Examples of aerobic exercise include: running, walking, swimming, spinning, hiking, dancing, kickboxing, cross country skiing, aerobic classes, etc.

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Anaerobic exercise is the kind of physical exercise that is intense enough to cause lactate to form. It is mostly used by athletes in non-endurance sports in order to promote, speed, strength, and power. Body Builders also use exercise to build muscle mass.

Examples of anaerobic kind of exercises include jumping, heavyweight training, and sprinting (running or cycling). The prime benefit of anaerobic exercise is to build strong muscles.

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Flexibility exercise which is also called stretching exercise is a kind that is done by simply stretching different parts of the body.  Examples of this kind of exercise include stretching, tai chi, pilates, and yoga.

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